Out of the Burrow

Curly’s African Adventure

November 13, 2013

by Ian Gason Almost 4 years had passed since I left Tokyo to spend time with my father in the final stages of his life. Tough as it was, I will always be glad I made the move. During my time in Melbourne, my wife Ai studied cooking and worked in two of Melbourne’s best

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Chuck’s Wombat Memories

November 13, 2010

by Courtney Jones Farewell TWCC. Playing for the Wombats for 9 years, I’ve seen TWCC develop from those very humble Koiwa league beginnings into a very successful on and off field JCA powerhouse and it’s been a joy of a ride. So in memory of my 9 glorious seasons, I’ve put together a bit of

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Axe’s Bike Tale

July 30, 2007

by Rob Mann With what started from taking a quick trip down to the shops on the pushy to pick up a carton of milk all went horribly wrong when my brother took a wrong corner and now 25 000kms over a stretch of 18 months in a monster bicycle tour around Australia, he has

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Curly’s Middle East Adventure

January 1, 2006

by Ian Gason Never ending journeys along corrugated roads on battered, rusted buses, with broken seats, broken windows and broken suspension. While this might have been the reality in Pakistan, since then it has been pretty plain sailing. So far, we have been to 5 countries, with just Jordan and Egypt to go. 1 truck,

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Cricket, Curly, and Mumbai

November 6, 2004

by Ian Gason It might have taken me ten years longer than planned, but finally I made it to India. 35 years of waiting also came to an end for Australian cricket, when they wrapped up the series in Nagpur….meaning I was flying off to a dead rubber. Enough has been said in the media

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Bird’s Diary

February 5, 2004

by James Watson At 6:30 in the morning of the fifth of February I was up and about with one mission in mind, find our passports (having left them with one of the numerous travel companies on Koh San road the day before to get our Cambodian visas). Once they were located (half an hour

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Al’s Excursion

November 13, 2003

by Alex Koolhof After an exciting, tumultuous and rock’n’roll start to the Wombats first year of cricket in Japan, I decided to take some time off and go and spend all my hard earned cash. Backpacking around Asia had long been something I really wanted to do and here was my chance. I could write

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