Axe’s Bike Tale

July 30, 2007

by Rob Mann

With what started from taking a quick trip down to the shops on the pushy to pick up a carton of milk all went horribly wrong when my brother took a wrong corner and now 25 000kms over a stretch of 18 months in a monster bicycle tour around Australia, he has become the first person ever to reach the 7 most extremes of Australia – the most southerly, northerly, easterly, westerly, highest and lowest, and the geographical centre of australia – the first person mad enough to ever do so on a pushbike. He`s trying to get people out of their cars and onto their pushy`s when they head off to work – if you`re interested in reading a bit more, check out his website

I had a quick couple of weeks with him around Kangaroo island where we knocked up 440kms on the pushys, saw seals, kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wedgetailed eagles, sea eagles, cape barren geese, sheep, cows, inbred locals, drop bears and the occasional hoopsnake. Saw some amazing scenery, faced 50 knot winds, got poured on from a great height, baked by the sun, covered in 5 day old sweat, stuffed my knee, but at the end of the day – nothing that isnt funny with a few beers. here are the pix –Tour Photos

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