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2015 Chiang Mai Sixes: Bowl Champs to Spoon Chumps

April 12, 2015

by Ian Gason The scoreboard only ever tells half the story, which is probably just as well given the mediocre efforts we put in in Chiang Mai this year. Looking at the results, you’d probably think the tour was a bit of a disappointment. Nothing could be further from the truth. OK, maybe, just maybe

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2014 Chiang Mai Sixes: 10th Tour Triumph

March 30, 2014

by Ian Gason We had gone through the week undefeated, but as happens every year, we were losing players at the business end of the week. Our young rock-star Max Coombes had left for a Bangkok soccer camp, having played a pivotal role in six lead-up matches. Steve Burke had been allowed to have a

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2012 Chiang Mai Sixes: Tokyo Peak Early….Again

April 1, 2012

by Ian Gason There are a lot of good signs pointing to a revival in fortunes for the Tokyo Wombats. When a veteran freak like Luke Ray talks of the old days, people should sit up and listen. To all those newcomers, welcome. You’ve joined something more than a club. The Wombats are family. I

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2011 Chiang Mai Sixes

April 3, 2011

by Ian Gason After the highs of the successful 2010 Chiang Mai Sixes tour, 2011 was all set for a spectacular come-down. None of you regular Tokyo based Wombats made the tour. Unsuccessful attempts get a side – and then to just get players – from my Melbourne club also failed. Andy Hall’s Adelaide contingent

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2010 Chiang Mai Sixes: Good Job!

March 28, 2010

by Ian Gason It’s so much harder to write a tour report than a match report. Cricket makes up just a small part of each day’s events; amnesia is part of the problem; and let’s face it, it’s far more interesting getting drunk than reading about it. The fun began in Bangkok with Marty making

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2008 Kobe Tour Report

June 29, 2008

by Luke Ray FRIDAY Speaking personally, it was with warm and (very) fuzzy memories of the previous Kobe tour that I greeted the lads, already gathered outside Shinagawa Starbucks. The beers started flowing immediately, everyone fully aware that we only had 48 (very) odd precious hours of drinking ahead of us (minus time for the

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2008 Chiang Mai Sixes: “Best Tour Yet” Despite Final Choke!!

April 1, 2008

by Ian Gason What they lacked in numbers and experience, they made up in intensity, as this year’s Tokyo Wombats Chiang Mai Sixes Tour has been given a ‘best yet” rating by the skipper and veteran, Marty Charlton. Missing stalwarts and never-say-die units like Andy Hall and Luke Ray didn’t dent the enthusiasm of the

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Wombats Kobe Tour Report: Killer Does Kobe

May 27, 2007

by Bjorn Pederson It’s that time of the year again…, post-Kobe, and everyone is talking about the performance of the Wombats both on and off the field. Following last year’s hugely successful event, anticipation was high for an even better tour, and as such 13 Wombats, 2 more than last year, ventured down to Kobe

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Wombats Tour Kobe

July 1, 2006

by Gerard Brady Friday 30th June. Eleven Wommies all made it on time to the rendevous point at Shinagawa Station Newdays at 6.30pm Friday 30th June clearly anticipating an enormous weekend in Kobe. After marauding the kombini of extra supplies we all jumped on the Shink hoping to get absolutely spastic during the night and

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