Bird’s Diary

February 5, 2004

by James Watson

At 6:30 in the morning of the fifth of February I was up and about with one mission in mind, find our passports (having left them with one of the numerous travel companies on Koh San road the day before to get our Cambodian visas). Once they were located (half an hour walking up and down Koh San road looking for a man with a twitch on a motorbike) it was back to the guesthouse to get packed up before jumping on a bus to Trat.

After a very pleasant bus ride it was a short hop, on a ferry, over to Koh Chang. By the time we arrived at Lonely beach and checked into our free bungalow for the night (score!) – and James had eaten, nerves or hunger who can tell – the sun was setting. We sat on the beach with the sun setting in the background and the waves gently lapping at the white sand shore. I leaned over and said something very romantic which culminated with me unfolding my hand to reveal a white gold diamond ring and asking Ruth to marry me. A very shocked and happy Ruth said yes!!. I will post pictures of the happy couple soon. Hopefully by now we have contacted all of you to let you know our happy news, sorry it has taken so long but communications on Koh Chang were virtually non-existant or hugely over-priced. Thanks for all the congratulatory messages that people have sent, it has meant a lot to us.

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