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Want to play cricket in Japan with your mates?

The TOKYO WOMBATS is a successful club, having won numerous successive premierships, and played finals’ cricket in almost every season. However winning, and even playing, is only part of what we do – or why we do it. It’s more about having a laugh, making some mates, and getting out of Tokyo. Even if your cricket skills are average at best, join us for a drink.

“There’s more to playing cricket than just playing cricket.”

There are irregular practise sessions in-season, but these are light-hearted affairs – a chance to catch up with mates and have a trundle. Our matches are a bit more serious, but we still play for the enjoyment of cricket and the camaraderie of sharing beers at the end of the day. We are sponsored by Wyndham Estate wines of Australia. Their generosity underlines our fund-raising, which helps keep our fees lower than other clubs. Wyndham Estate provides wines for quiz nights, raffles, and on-field awards. The Tokyo Wombats also makes annual tours to Chiang Mai (Thailand) to take part in the Chiang Mai Sixes tournament.

If you want to have a run, please contact the Club! If you’re a non-player and prefer talking and watching over a drink, then just drop us a line. Note that we do drink a lot of alcohol, so if you prefer not to be around those that drink, the Tokyo Wombats may not be the club for you.

Email us at [email protected] with your preferred email client or simply use the contact form to the right. NOTE: We are an AMATEUR club. We DO NOT pay players, hire coaches or sponsor visas from overseas.



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