Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes

Since 2005, the Tokyo Wombats have taken part in the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes, one of the world’s most popular and long-running amateur cricket tournaments. The tried and trusted formula of the Chiang Mai Sixes is an intoxicating mixture of high-scoring, fast-paced Sixes cricket, camaraderie on and off the pitch and in bars and restaurants all around Chiang Mai with a well-organized array of social functions for cricketers and supporters alike.

Held annually in April, it is the Grand-daddy of the now popular Sixes comps running from Morocco to Newcastle to Shanghai. The Tokyo Wombats became the first Japanese club to compete at this great event. The ground is superb, in the middle of the 19th century Gymkhana Club golf course, complete with sight-screens, scoreboard, nets, trees, 2 bars, hammocks and team tents. No bicycle paths or searching through weeds here! The organization of the tournament is meticulous. The standard runs the full parameter of abilities, from mug to weekend warrior to Test playing internationals.

The atmosphere is first class throughout, and the players, no matter who they are or where they are from, are an easy going bunch enjoying their favourite game. To sum up, the tournament is all about having a beer with world-class cricketers after getting smashed around the ground by them and is a week of comradeship both from teammates and opposition. The enjoyment of being with your mates, consistent lack of sleep, and just knowing what ever you’ve got planned both day and night is a top laugh.

Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes



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