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Introducing ‘It’s Just Cricket’, TWCC’s New Sponsor!

April 1, 2019

We’re stoked to introduce our newest sponsor, It’s Just Cricket! Read on to learn more and how Wombats can redeem exclusive benefits! It’s Just Cricket (IJC) is a cricket store based in Central London that serves customers all over the world, even Japan! But that’s not the only reason why IJC is such a great

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2018 Pre-Season Summary

March 30, 2018

With the first match of the JCL coming up this weekend, now’s a good time to see what the boys have been doing to get into shape for it over the winter.

Message from the President

March 31, 2017

G’day Wombats and website visitors, Please read on for a summary of our 2016 season and where we are heading in 2017.

Wombats Denied Chance to Drink From Saori’s Cups

March 26, 2016

  by Alex Patmore The Wombats ramped up their 2016 preparations with a severe test against reigning Japan Cup T20 champions Samurai CC, in a T20 double-header up at Sano 3. The game was billed as the inaugural Saori Cup, thanks to some generous contacts in the Samurai team who laid on food, trophies and

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2015 Chiang Mai Sixes: Bowl Champs to Spoon Chumps

April 12, 2015

by Ian Gason The scoreboard only ever tells half the story, which is probably just as well given the mediocre efforts we put in in Chiang Mai this year. Looking at the results, you’d probably think the tour was a bit of a disappointment. Nothing could be further from the truth. OK, maybe, just maybe

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Message from the President

September 1, 2014

Esteemed Wombats! Various factors have prompted me to pump out a spiel of some sort in this section of the (soon to be replaced) website. First of all, the state of our team and its achievements on the playing field. Since the low of only a couple of seasons ago when we regularly struggled to

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2014 Chiang Mai Sixes: 10th Tour Triumph

March 30, 2014

by Ian Gason We had gone through the week undefeated, but as happens every year, we were losing players at the business end of the week. Our young rock-star Max Coombes had left for a Bangkok soccer camp, having played a pivotal role in six lead-up matches. Steve Burke had been allowed to have a

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Message from the President

June 29, 2013

Well, it’s been a long time between rants by TWCC presidents in this section of the website! As you can see below, the last one was just over four years ago by long-standing president J.Shearer. I am now in my third year as president of this great club – and to be honest, the last

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2012 Chiang Mai Sixes: Tokyo Peak Early….Again

April 1, 2012

by Ian Gason There are a lot of good signs pointing to a revival in fortunes for the Tokyo Wombats. When a veteran freak like Luke Ray talks of the old days, people should sit up and listen. To all those newcomers, welcome. You’ve joined something more than a club. The Wombats are family. I

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