The Season So Far…And Upcoming Events

April 29, 2005

by Ian Gason

2005 season is underway. What better way to begin the year than with the Chiang Mai Sixes!! A fantastic tournament, a chance to relax, play some light-hearted but competitive cricket, mingle with your fellow cricketers from around the world, and just generally have a good time. Despite our high expectations, none of us came away disappointed, and all thoughts are to 2006. The spin-offs are already….spinning off. Millenium’s Naoki Saida will be joining the Awali Taverners’ when he moves to Bahrain. Our Aussie based Wombats are firing up for Newcastle in January for the Waratah Sixes. Sri Lankan Test Player Amal Silva will be up for a drink with the Wombats when he is in town soon. Stay tuned. Fame and fortune must be next!

Back in Tokyo, we have begun with 2 strong wins and look good for some September action. The only dent in those plans is the sudden loss of Jarrod Harris. The Jammer, given the choice of Saitama or Queensland, did what any sensible man should do, and legged it. In his brief spell with the Wommies, he made a big impact, both on and off the van. We wish you well back in QLD, and look forward to seeing you in Wommies colours in Chiang Mai.

Another bloke who we we’ll be seeing in action in CM, NIKKA, took off just a few weeks before. A big night out began at The Dub, onto the Club, and then down and dingy at The Rolling Stone. Some serious air-guitar champions lie in our midsts. NIKKA lowered the standards of this Club in a way no other man could…except maybe Jammer. Jeez, road trips just won’t be the same without yous guys.

Members’ cards are ready, and can be collected from Pete at The Clubhouse. The coveted #1 ticket lies vacant. Were we snobbed by our chosen one, or have Japan Post lost my bloody mail again?

The TRIVIA NIGHT!! Reckon you’re pretty smart? Reckon you know a thing or two? We’ll soon sort the men from the sheep. The Clubhouse will be hosting the big event. 60 people, 15 teams battling it out. Cash prizes, HARDYS bottles by the dozen, U-beaut Aussie goods to be won. And the all important bragging rights. You’ve got to be in it to win it. Worth coming just to see new MC Zulu put his own spin on proceedings.

Starting May, I’ll have yous blokes out flogging raffle tickets. It’s the Club’s number one source of income, and its all made possible by HARDYS. A couple of dozen bottles to be won, big draw at The Clubhouse on Trivia Night.

We’re hoping to get a match organized v Goannas sometime this summer. Whilst we are all keen to have an all-Aussie day of cricket, we just dunno where we can do it. Speaking of Goannas, June 11-12th, The Narita Cup. The biggest Aussie Rules weekend in Japan, and probably the whole of Asia, takes place at The Radisson Narita. Wombats will be at Koiwa Sunday, but there is plenty of action on Satudray, with teams from Jakarta, Singapore, Osaka and more, so take the time, go and support the boys.

Subject to ground availability, The Hardys Tokyo Ashes is set for Saturday 25th, with a BBQ and plenty of Hardys great wines on offer. A big date on the calendar, set for some annual rivalry, and hopefully a preview of the real deal, which begins at Lords’ July 21st. The Wommies will be represented there by one Craig Campbell of Hardys! For the rest of us, good news from Pete: The Ashes will be LIVE AT THE CLUBHOUSE!!
Be there.

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