The Prez Thanks KRAC

July 5, 2006

When Robb McKenna first asked me if we would be interested in heading down to Kobe for a weekend of cricket, I didn’t think there would be much interest, let alone a full team. However, I was pleasantly surprised when the interest in the trip was overwhelming, and anticipation was high. I think its fair to say that in the end all of our expectations were far exceeded. Even though we were only able to play one game due to rain, everyone had a great time.

For that, on behalf of all the Wombats who travelled to Kobe, I’d like to thank Robb and Russel for proposing and organising the trip at their end, and Chuck for organising the trip at our end. I’d also like to thank the staff and management of the KRAC for allowing us to stay at the KRAC and for putting up with our antics. The feast prepared for the party on Saturday night was outstanding, and the 2 hour nomihoudai was easily longer than 2 hours. The food and service in general were great and the prices more than reasonable.

The Wombats had such a good time that, if the KRAC will have us, the Wombats are very keen to travel to Kobe again next year. In fact, we would be keen to make this an annual event. Perhaps we could play for “The Hardy’s Wombats/KRAC Trophy”


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