Summer: The Ashes

January 10, 2005

by Ian Gason

One of the most anticipated series of a long time. Ranked #1 and #2, cricket’s oldest enemies clash in England. A revived (thanks Marshie!) and rampant England take on the world champions. Surely, surely we will get to see these games here!! Stay Tuned.

So we enter 2005 and approach the half way mark of the off-season.

Quite an eventful winter it has been. The Wombats & Goannas Japan Cup day was a beauty, featuring a large number of hangovers and a surprising number of winners. With many of the Goannas still dressed up from their ball the night before, our little group of 20 put on a best off ground performance, and even managed to finish the day in the black….almost.

Christmas for those fortunate enough to stay in Tokyo consisted of a ridgy-didge shorts and thongs Aussie Chrissie Lunch at Axe & Wookie’s house.

Not content with Slim Dusty, Crowded House, John Williamson and Rolf Harris, the party-goers spilled out onto the street for some fair-dinkum “one hand one bounce” street cricket. Photos coming soon.

As Wombat spread their paws far and wide, we had boys in Tassie, Port Augusta and Melbourne enjoying the Boxing Day Test. Two Thai Wombats both returned safe and sound. Chuck was on Kho Samui, having ignored NIKKA’s advice to go to Krabi or Pi Pi. Smoking Pete’s Boxing Day test was not the beachside paradise he had had in mind, being forced to flee the devaststing tidal wave in Phuket, literally running for his life. With Tomoko, they made it to higher ground, although Smoker has lost his Wombat’s hat. Don’t expect to see him giving up the smokes any time soon.

In response to that tragedy, international cricket took the lead with its ICC v ACC game at Melbourne. A fortunately timed public holiday in Tokyo meant a great crowd turned up to The Clubhouse for the event. Raffles, sweeps and donations collected for World Vision on the day came to Y57,000.

Well done to all.

Not so well done to the Lady Wombats, whose hens night for Yuki The Body Koolhoof raised a few eyebrows in Shinjuku’s bars. The committe is now debating wether the ladies are also eligble for The Golden Thong….and the dummy spit.

Coming up we have Australia Day. Wombats will hold their AGM sometime in Feb., stay tuned, and have our first net sessions in March.

After that The Tokyo Wombats take on the world, as our dedicated crew of sloggers head to Chiang Mai for the Sixes. QLD beaches will have to do without Marty for a week or two, as he gets re-acquainted with the wommies for the first time in 18 months. Joining us also will be Paul Knighton, a handy opening bat and bowler….. back in the days when cricketers wore white and MRF was well, a Madras Rubber Factory!

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