Season 2024 Kicks Off!

January 27, 2024

A Foray behind enemy lines

The mighty Wombats were eager to kick-start their season and make the most of the beautiful cold and sunny weather at Akai Farm in Chiba. The lazy wombats, who are known for their relaxed nature, were excited to get back into the swing of things and engage in Net practice. The practice session saw a decent turnout for Wombats, including some new recruits. This provided a great chance for the experienced players to bond with the newcomers and identify promising talent for the future of the team.

Leading the session was Richie, with his expert warm-up techniques and suggestions for all new comers with their batting techniques.  However, Ken found warm-ups to be a bit funny and quoted: “ Is it some Bollywood dances. Apart from the regular batting and bowling sessions, the players also had the opportunity to work with a bowling machine. This allowed them to sharpen their skills and improve their eye-hand coordination. It was seen as a valuable addition to the pre-season preparation.

Overall, the first practice session was considered a success and a positive start to the packed pre-season schedule. The wombats eagerly looked forward to the next session in a fortnight’s time, eager to continue the momentum and make progress ahead of the upcoming season.

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