TWCC 221 - 213/8 Max

June 11, 2016 - 11:00 am at Fuji 1
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Wombats spanked by Supun

*Note: Despite TWCC losing this match to Max, the JCL committee later in the week came to the somewhat harsh decision that the match would be forfeited by Max (due to not having 7 or more players at the ground at 11:00).

by Milinda Dharmadasa

Never did I believe in miracles, before I saw the wombats rocking up at Fuji a good half hour before the start of the game, don the whites and go through a very active fielding drill, taking all but one catch, had to be Kooloff.

Max CC on the other hand were caught in the infamous Tomei traffic and were late, they were so late that the umpires decided to reduce their allotted overs to 33 out of the mandatory 40 per the competition rules.

Max wins the toss and rightly decides to bat first in the hopes of setting a competitive target for the Wombats.

The openers were watchful at the start and at times were not the most comfortable against the lengths offer from Nigel and Yusry who were steaming in. (Yusry was mostly huffing and puffing!). Rasika was brought in to the attack and Patmore took a brilliant catch to draw first blood and out came Max’s danger batsman Supun. Having seen a bit of the Mahela Jayawardena impersonator in the previous season, Patmore decided to set a defensive field knowing that he may go for the big shots. Supun was watchful at first, knowing very well that the team relied on him to score big and fast if they were to have any chance of beating the Wombats in this game.

Soon Max were 37-2 and Supun started his onslaught going after Rasika and Kooloff. He certainly was seeing the ball a lot bigger than the rest of us and in to the woods, the ball went. Wombats didn’t help themselves with the dropped catches from both the batsman and going in to the drinks break 83-3 at 17 over mark, had no idea what was on offer for the next session.

The break was followed by absolute carnage, as Supun went after every ball and at times was standing tall outside the off stump waiting for the sorry ball to be bowled. A few maximums and a few lost balls later, Wombats have tried all their bowlers and were out of ideas, and out of breath. After a centurian partnership, with Supun, Taniyama finally got out thanks to a Ponting-like in field catch by Zee milimeters off the grass. Third umpire was not called, for a second look.

Supun reached a well deserved century which included 7 sixes and 9 fours if anyone was counting, but soon got out thanks to a good catch by Patmore. The rest of the Max boys came and went and set a very competitive 221 for Wombats to chase down.

Usual suspects Patmore and Shearer walked out, and Patmore hit a six off the very first legal delivery of the innings. I repeat, Patmore hit a SIX. It was so huge, the ball was murdered in to the Fuji Forest. Police was not called, a new ball was. Openers were off to a flyer, until the above average age of Dino caught him at the calf. What looked like a very dangerous opening partnership for the Wommies ended due to the lack of salt in Dino’s breakfast sandwiches. Luke Eyes came out at number three and Wombats were going at the asking rate and looked to be able to head home before Luke was adjudged LBW and Rasika came out at number 4. Some tight spin bowling from Taniyama put Wombats under a bit of pressure for the first time in their innings and the result was Rasika gifting his wicket to the less impressive spinner on the other side.

Zee came out to bat with his brand new custom made gear and wanted the cameras right on the bat stickers. Huge hits out of the park and in to the woods again. Looks like a cake walk for Wombats from here. Set batsman Patmore in form, and Zee going hard at the bowlers on the other end. Zee goes for one too many and holes out at midwicket boundary and out comes Nigel at 194 on the scoreboard 27 to get off 5 overs.

Max smells blood, brings the infield closer and brings back the medium pacers. Wombats hit the panic button and takes a few suicidal singles taking on the baseball-trained max infield throws. 202-6 reads the score.

19 off 18 balls, Patmore still in and President Payne on the other end. Still Wombats match to lose. Patmore nicks it to the Keeper and the game gets tighter. Wombats on the edges of their seats and two more desperately suicidal runs and two more Wombats back in the pavillion. All over red rover, 10 runs to get off the last ball. Vikram to face his first and last. Is this a no-ball six, Wombats praying. A nice drive along the ground for a relaxed 1 run ends the campaign. Max wins by 9 runs.

Man of the match goes to Supun on the winning side and Yusry for his 4 wickets for the Wommies. Beers are cracked, hearts sunk, Wombats party on at the Roof top!

Scorecard 2016-06-11 JCL vs Max


  • Zeesh taking a great catch diving forward.
  • Patmore’s catch off Rasi diving to his left in slips.

Dropped Catches

  • A couple of great efforts by Patmore in the field running back just to miss them.
  • One straight through Yusy’s hands at backward point.
  • Nigel thinking he was playing rugby with his fingers and hands spread wide only to see it go straight through.

Great Moments in Sport

  • Yus back in the wickets taking 4-fa.
  • Patmore solid again making another 50+ runs.
  • Some big 6’s by Zeesh.
  • Patmores 6 off the first legal delivery – he’s now hit one more 6 than Koolhof’s hit 4’s (3 vs 2).
  • Having the Milster back in the team again after a one (or is it two?) year absence.

Dummy Spit

  • Alex Patmore decided to blow some steam and accuse others of not “appropriately” instructing the driver how to get back to Fuji station, despite himself not knowing the way and all the while intently perusing his social media feed!!

Wyndham Estate Man of the Match

Yusry Mohideen
vs Max (Jun 11, 2016)
Yuzzie snared four scalps and did his best to stem the flow of runs coming from the blades of Max. The Wombats fell short in the end, but Yusry's valiant efforts were rewarded with a bottle of Wyndham Estate's finest!