Max 63 - 64/8 TWCC

May 25, 2014 - 11:00 am at Fuji 1
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by Milinda Dharmadasa

Another one of the legendary mini-bus trips to Fuji on a somewhat overcast day. We were all psyched about the match on the back of an unbeaten run so far this season and it’s always good to play in Fuji. I’d like to state that we devised a match plan on the eve of the game at Hooters Shibuya, but we all know we don’t go there for that.

We reached Fuji in good time courtesy the early start we got. Apart from winning all the games played our Skipper has kept with a tradition of losing all the tosses this season and didn’t want to break the chain. After all we are a superstitious team. It’s a flush, Gavin lost the toss and with it the chance of putting up a defendable total of 302.

The Jinkansen was in the usual hurry he always is to scurry through the wickets. The opener Vinay went cheap caught behind by Patmore for 3. Not wanting to do anything different, No.3 Kensuke edged straight to Jarrad’s throat. Max CC didn’t like the look of what it read at 5-22 with Hanif taking his first wicket off the very first ball he delivered. It didn’t get any better for Max CC when their skipper, Masaomi was adjudged run out trying to snatch a quick single. Soon they were 7-30 with the Wommies all over Max CC, and out walks Kurumi the only lass in the team.

The left hander supported Takuro in stablising the innings by playing out the fiery in-swingers from the likes of Gavin and Koolhof. Takuro on the other hand deserves a special mention for being the most confident bat out of the lot not afraid to come on the front foot and playing his natural game. They put on 30 useful runs in the process Jimmy managed to hit Kurumi a couple of times accidently, I would like to write. Meanwhile skipper Gavin did try out his armour in bringing Shacksy the grenade launcher and yours truly but with no luck.

It was a special effort out in the field by Gooldy to run Kurumi out and the Jinkansen took the No.10 in a single delivery to have the Max CC reeling at 9-62. Nick was in play again to run the last man out trying for an impossible two against the Goolden arm. A team hat trick to finish the effort out on the field for a very gettable total of 63, or so we thought.

Faced with a comfortable target, our skipper decided to demote himself down the order to allow our batters some much needed batting practice. Patmore together with Jarrad to open the innings. Patmore didn’t waste any time and got bowled playing a shot he wouldn’t be very proud of. Jarrad looked good while he lasted, and followed suit playing not the fanciest of shots. Takuro had the openers back in the pavilion and was sniffing blood.

Jimmy started well, with the only six of the match and hung in there while his partners changed faster than dance sets in Soi Cowboy. Hanif and Luke didn’t trouble the scorers much and after Jimmy nicked a delivery from his old friend Kurumi, Nick kept his promise to not stay out there too long. 6-41 and a visibly annoyed skipper walked in to finish the job himself. He joined Jamie who was as calm as a millpond on the other end unfazed by the grave situation at hand. Gavin played himself in and was looking good until he flicked Rajneesh straight to the hands of fine leg leaving Wombats reeling at 7-49.

Out walks yours truly and together with Jamie plays out the opening bowlers to settle things in and waiting for the bowlers to make their mistakes. With just 1 run off the bat in close to 6 overs, it looked more like the last day of test match heading for a draw. The Max CC skipper wanting to break the partnership brings himself on with some tight offspin and it works. Yours truly does go for the glory shot chasing a leg side wide that edges to the keeper to leave Wombats with sirens wailing at 8-55.

Out walks the wisest of them all, the wizard with the wand Shacksy. Together with Jamie he plays out the bowlers giving them nothing and the Wommies were at the edge of their seats but not one moved. A few extras and a double off the bat of Shacksy and the Wommies bring it home. Jamie with a 56 ball 0 to his name but deserved Man of the Match to follow up his Golden Thong from last year is a hero worthy of the hall of fame for the Wommies if there ever was one. Special mentions to Junmei Hanada for exceptional umpiring and Max CC for giving everything they had in stock for a very good game of cricket.

A fierce BBQ ensued with lots of laughs to douse the fires in the Wommie hearts and an eski full of beers to wash them wrecked gutts. The wombat camp couldn’t have been happier with a bonus point bagged and reaching the top of the table for the Division 1 league. With a quick replenish of Victory beverages at the local combini, the boys were glad to be on the long ride back. As the sole teetotaller, Hanif was appointed the captain of the Wombat Mobile and the rest dug in. Between piss stops and pit stops two lovely girls found their way in to the van and a ride of their lives. It ain’t over till it’s over and few beers at the local Hub at Yoyogi and a few public nuisances later the Wommies called it a night. A shout out for Jarrad for the lovely BBQ and the really borderline plastic sausages he tried to feed us with.

Scorecard 2014-05-25 JCL vs Max


  • Alex Koolhof: “You seem to be getting on a bit Patmore, what are you? 31 now?” (Patmore has just turned 26).
  • Hanif Khan: “Alex – you drive now” (after two hitchhiking girls joined the van ride and not caring that Koolhof had obviously consumed several beers”.
  • Alex Patmore, beer in hand, in the back of the bus on the way home singing: “I wanna have Shax on the beach”.
  • Nick Goold: After driving past two girls holding up signs wanting to hitchhike to Tokyo at the Ebina service area, banging on the inside of the bus and shouting “STOP THE BUS! STOP THE BUS!”
  • Hanif Khan: Replying to a question whether Patmore has a girlfriend, “Nope, he has a boyfriend”.
  • Nick Goold: Bagging his teammates by saying “The Tasmanian boys have to come to the rescue AGAIN!”, and then failing with the bat himself.
  • Nick Goold: Skipper Beath says to Nick as he goes out to bat, “Take your time mate”, Nick replies, “Nah, I won’t be out there long”.
  • Alex Koolhof: Giving bowling advice, “When I need to find line and length, I slow (the pace of my deliveries) down”.


  • Dino catching one in his tit coming at pace off Jimmi at first slip.

Dropped Catches

  • Koolhof “making a meal” of a tough one in gully.
  • Beath off his shoe.

Great Moments in Sport

  • Jamie’s defiance in facing 56 balls for 0 not out and helping the lower order secure victory.
  • Team Hatrick! Two run outs and a bowled.
  • Jimmi’s 3 for 13 off 8 overs, including 2 maidens.

Dummy Spits

  • Dino yelling “PLAY STRAIGHT!!!” after swiping and missing a slower ball from Takuro.
  • Nick Goold’s bat toss.
  • Skipper Beath’s Captain Grumpy moment.
  • Patmore getting out and then moping around in the nets with a helmet on reliving the ball over and over again.

Wyndham Estate Man of the Match

Jamie Payne
vs Max (May 25, 2014)
Jamie Payne exhibited maximum patience and resilience with the bat to bring the Wombats home with two wickets to spare. JP wins the Man of the Match award for his stoic 56 ball innings for, err, no runs.