TWCC 210 - 94 Chuo University

July 27, 2014 - 10:00 am at YCAC
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by Evan Hitchman

The Wombats easily accounted for the students of Chuo University in a Japan Cup T20 game at YCAC. The Wombats were given an early advantage with the scheduling seeing the poor Chuo players have to play two matches back to back in scorching heat in Yokohama. Firstly in the morning they were seen off by the Indian Tigers in convincing fashion and then in the afternoon too seeing them bend over and cop two spankings in a row – and have to pay a hefty fee for the privilege! (I remember seeing something similar in a Chiang Mai report a few years back!).

The Wommies batted first with Luke and Jimmi getting the team off to a good start with a 50 partnership before Luke was the first wicket to go, out caught for 50. Jimmi who was scratchy early started to find his form and began swatting the Chuo bowlers to every boundary, including one beautiful 6 that only just stayed inside the net, and otherwise would have been OUT and NO SIX! Vikram at the other end was doing a great job of rotating the strike and putting the bad balls away, although not with too much of an effort according to one spectator who marked – “that was a 2 calorie shot”! The two put on an excellent partnership of almost 90 though before Biscuits was bowled for a well made 29.

Nigel hit a 4 off his first ball progressing his shithouse strike rate for the club at that point to only about 400 with a dot, 6 and 6 in his last innings of 12 not out off 3 balls! With only a few overs to go though all the Wommies were throwing the bat at everything and Nige was swiftly gone out caught, Angus was unlucky to spoon one up down mid wicket and Yusry was run out trying for a quick single that may not have been there. Meanwhile at the other end Jimmy was going about his business passing 50 without anyone noticing, then 60, 79, 80 and into the 90s. Jamie was now in at the other end rotating the strike and allowing Jimmi to continue his march towards a century.

A quick check of the scorecard found Jimmi to be on 99 and a hush gathered over the watchful Wombats….except for one Wombat – be it the skipper, G. Beath! – “You’re on 99 mate” – was the shout from the captain to Jimmi who, after slaying everything to the boundary in a fluid and relaxed fashion began to tighten up and block, looking for quick singles that weren’t there and looking a completely different player! A few balls later, still stuck on 99 and Jimmi went for a single that wasn’t on, but thinking they would throw to Jamie’s end still jogged to the bowler’s end and a direct hit saw him easily run out…….. for 99! “But don’t worry about that Jimmi, it wasn’t a real match, only T20 so your stats don’t count” – consoles Alex Koolhof. “Ah, it’s alright it’s not like it’s his first ton or anything” – G.Beath. “So Jimmi, have you ever scored a century before?” – “No, not in any form of the game, that would’ve been the first one!”.

Golden Thong vote for one G. Beath right there!

Meanwhile Chuo were absolutely stuffed after their 3rd innings, the 2nd one chasing to all areas of the ground and after a long lunch break (for the umpires!) we were back in to see Chuo chase the nominal 210 score for victory. Nige and Yusry opened up, but after only a few overs we discovered that the games were running behind schedule and we only had 35 minutes to complete the game! The message was brought on by Ev, with beer in hand to the thankful skipper who had a swig of the beer and went running over, only to be called back to receive the actual message!

Quicks were off and the spinners were on and after putting on a decent opening partnership of 45 the Chuo batsmen began to lose wickets quickly with Mili, Angus and Biscuits bowling quick and tight overs. Mili with 3 wickets and Vik with 3 wickets each caught the eye, as did Alex with a nice 2-fa at the other end. A massive thunderstorm saw the end delayed for a few minutes before the clouds cleared and a run out saw the Chuo lads all out for 94.

An easy win in the end and good all round performance from Viki, great near century from 99 from Jimmi and a great spell from Mili saw us home and into the semi finals of the Japan Cup – well done Wommies!


  • “I’d like to highlight Koolhof’s two balls” – Vikram.
  • “That was a two calorie shot” – says Mili to describe some lazy stroke play.
  • “Jimmi, you’re on 99 mate” – GB.
  • “I bowl 2 no balls, I don’t get a bowl for 4 and half years ya bastard!” – Ev to Gav in the pub!
  • “If there’s anyone that can suck the life out of a bowler, it’s G.B.” – Evan


  • Alex K: Good catch on the boundary.

Dropped Catches

  • Nigel’s dropsy, in-out at mid on.

Great Moments in Sport

  • Jimmy’s knock of 99.
  • Vik’s each way bet – 29 and 3/17.
  • Mili: A nice 3 for in a good spell.
  • Koolhof: Two clean bowled.

Golden Thong

  • GB: Jinxing Jimmi on 99 and robbing him of a century.
  • Jimmi: Running himself out for 99!
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