Tigers 208/5 - 130/5 TWCC

September 9, 2018 - 1:30 pm at YCAC
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Tigers Defeat Wombats at Season-end

by ???

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Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club -- Match Scorecard

Tokyo Wombats CC vs Tigers CC
Japan Cup 2018 (South Kanto), YCAC, Kanagawa, September 9, 2018

Tigers CC
UmpiresIndian Engineers CC
ResultTigers CC won by 78 runs

Tigers CC Innings: 208/5 (20.0 overs)
R B 4s 6sSR
A Kumarc A Patmore b E Hitchman*504061125.00
A Thakurc & b S Pearson262150123.81
S Ravichandran*†c N Gaur† b V Ragunathan7741101187.81
R Koulrun out (A Jacob)14811175.00
D Srivastavarun out (F Hart)14811175.00
A Khandelwalnot out130033.33
P Panduranganot out0000-
S Kumardnb
S Sharmadnb
P Uthamdnb
S Koppardnb
Extras(b 0, lb 1, w 23, nb 1)26

TOTAL(5 wickets)208

Fall of wickets
55-1 A Thakur, 136-2 A Kumar, 162-3 R Koul, 202-4 D Srivastava, 208-5 S Ravichandran*†
O M R W wd nb Econ
F Hart2.00150307.50
V Ragunathan3.00191406.33
S Pearson2.00151017.50
J Payne1.001202112.00
N Gaur†3.003903013.00
M Brown2.002700013.50
Y Mohideen4.00360609.00
E Hitchman*3.004415014.67

Tokyo Wombats CC Innings: 130/5 (20.0 overs)
R B 4s 6sSR
J Payneb S Kumar6410150.00
S Pagirec S Sharma b S Koppar03000.00
A Jacobnot out40552172.73
F Hartb S Koppar591055.56
S Pearsonc ? b S Sharma13212061.90
V Ragunathanrun out (? / ?)08000.00
A Patmorenot out273430112.50
E Hitchman*dnb
Y Mohideendnb
N Gaur†dnb
M Browndnb
Extras(b 6, lb 2, w 29, nb 2)39
TOTAL(5 wickets)130
Fall of wickets
8-1 J Payne, 9-2 S Pagire, 30-3 F Hart, 71-4 S Pearson, 76-5 V Ragunathan
O M R W wd nbEcon
S Kumar4.00311807.75
S Koppar3.0082102.67
S Sharma4.00221405.50
P Panduranga4.00200505.00
D Srivastava2.00170008.50


  • New Wommie Naveen running in the deep.

Dropped Catches

  • A belter aimed at another new Wommie Mark and his Matrix-like effort to avoid it…

Great Moments in Sport

  • Frank – hitting the wicket directly side on with an underarm to get a run out when he could have just walked over with the ball to take the bails off. (should we have a Darwin Award?)
  • Another run out by AJ, sharp stop and quick flick at the bowler’s end
  • EV doing his ‘little hurdler’ jump when he took yet another T20 wicket. At that point I think he had a season tally of 9/45.
  • Jamie vowing to be more aggressive and pumping his second ball over mid-wicket. Strike rate of 150 for the innings!

Dummy Spits

  • Ev at Yuz turning up 2min before game start
  • Fisticuffs on the verge of breaking out when the Tigers batsman was arguing with the umpires/scorers that he should have been given 55 instead of 54 runs. Needless to say plenty of Wombats neglected the high road and got stuck in. No ‘I’ in team, champ.

Golden Thong Nominations

  • Yuz turning up 2min before game start

Wyndham Estate Man of the Match


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