Shizuoka Kytes 80 - 81/2 TWCC

May 30, 2004 - 11:00 am at Shizuoka
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by Ian Gason

Wombats opened their KCL account at Shizuoka by defeating Shizuoka Kytes, running out victors by 8 wickets in just 14 overs. Again, the victory was set-up by the boys from the Apple Isle, Big Al (3/35) and Little Richard (45), and first gamer Paul Shacks’ tail wrapping 2fa.

Chuck, hoping to bat a full 40 overs on a day with 195% chance of rain, managed to lose the toss, and Wombats took to the field. Things soon went badly for the hosts, who having smacked Big Al back over his head for 6, soon suffered the ultimate payback, when Big Al brought the openers castle down. Curly, seeing the top of the bowling position slipping away faster than his beloved Kangaroos’ season, trapped the other opener lumbering elephant-like in front of middle and leg, LBW. Kytes 2 for not alot.

Batsmen came and went like Italian Prime Ministers after that, with Alex getting his third 3 wicket haul in as many games. Curly is petitioning for a rule change, as good tight bowling induced two brain-implosion suicide run outs in his one over. Both batsmen hit the ball straight to Cap’n Chuckles at mid-on, and set off on a one way ticket to an early lunch.

NIKKA was brought on, and broke an annoying partnership when the batsman hooked a bouncer onto his stumps. At the other end, Burkey made amends for spilling a chance at mid wicket. Paul Shacks got stuck into the tail with patient spin bowling. One pony-tail 6 didn’t faze him and he finished with 2/15. Kytes all out 80 in 24 overs.

Jarrad and Little Richard opened the Wombats’ innings, and set about getting the runs before any rain could spoil the party. Wombats were treated to a classy display of willow-wileding from the Tasmanian, who showed shades of Steve Waugh, cover driving his way to 45 in just 25 balls. So fast and furious was his innings that it – and 95% of the game- was over before girlfriend Karrie had arrived by shinkansen from Tokyo. Straight balls were respected. Loose balls dispatched.

Jarrad’s LBW brought the skipper to the crease, who soon casually took 3 steps down the track and sent the bowler down the pitch for four. When Richard’s batting clinic was over, Burkey smacked his first ball for 4, but with just 9 runs needed, rain brought the players from the field. As it so often doesn’t in Japan, the rain stopped, and Chuck brought up the winnings runs with succesive boundaries.

The journey back to Tokyo was the usual unremarkable Wombats road-trip. Spacey soon forgot about that catch he dropped when Big Al handed out the communal curry. Smokin Pete, having neither batted nor bowled, launched a scathing attack on the Wombats’ waistlines, stating in no uncertain terms that we should lose a few kilos. Serial snorer Zulu, another passenger for the day, was truely shiity, and by the end of the trip was really spewing about it all. Chuck made an interesting confession about his habits on public transport, and NIKKA, well nothing he says can shock any more.

Thanks to our hosts, Shizuoka Kytes, to the girls (inc Robbie Man) for coming down to support us. And thanks to NIKKA, for organising and driving the Wombat wagon.

Hardys Man of the Match

Richard Conway
vs Shizuoka Kytes (May 30, 2004)
With a strike-rate that'd shame Gilchrist, Little Richard Conway's match winning 45, on top of his tiger-like boundary fielding, earns him the Hardys' MOM.