TWCC 155/5 - 122 Kyoto Super Lions

October 22, 2022 - 9:30 am at Sano 4
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Supun Full of Sixes Helps Wombats Go Down

by Evan Hitchman

Japan Cup Finals: League Match vs Tuskers

Having surprisingly qualified for the Japan Cup T20 Finals for the first time, the Wombats were out to cause more surprises and upsets in Sano. Ranked 12th out of 12 teams, the Wombats were given a dud hand early on by Dhugal who picked out top ranked, and last year’s champions Tuskers as our round 1 opponent.

Never a team to do things the easy ways, the Wombats also struggled to put together an XI, having only 10 guys available – but we’d turn up and give it our best shot. Well, one of those things was true…. we’d certainly give it our best shot!

At the toss we had 6 players present, with one guy on a train somewhere, and Ali the skipper for Saturday and Rexy in a car somewhere, stuck behind an old guy on a motorcycle who was blocking up all the traffic……who turned out to be young Mick!!

Winning the toss and batting….Evan decided if we could just hang around until the car and the late comers arrived, we’d be fine. We only needed to survive about 15-20 mins or so. Should be easy right? Openers, play no shots, just leave, occupy the crease, nothing stupid.

Evan and Bilal go in to open, and unfortunately the opening bowlers were in no generous mood, with big Bill yorked with an inswinger and the Wommies were 1/0 in the first over. Hassan strides to the crease is given the lecture by Ev – let’s stick around mate, we have to stay here till the car comes, just block, no stupid shots………………

“Yes”……says Hassan, as is his standard reply!

First ball, to one pitched up in the blockhole he tries to slog sweep it for 6 and is clean bowled! 2/0 off 3 balls….and looking down the barrel of being bowled out for single figures, with only 3 more wickets remaining…..unless the car turned up!

Robb arrived at the crease, and Ev used all the tricks up his short sleeve, with a meeting with the umpires to discuss possibly playing a 2 innings game?! And also asking for middle stump, and leg stump, and 2 offs please mate! After being given the hurry up, Ev and Robb survived a few overs, before Robb copped a very generous not-out after being hit plumb in front.

After that reprieve and a few overs of blocking and leaving, the car finally arrived! Rexy, Ali, Satyam and Mick and we finally had everyone there, albeit still only 10. With that relief, Robb promptly got out, on the end of a great caught and bowled effort. Ajaz came to the crease and put on a little partnership with Ev, getting the Wombats into the crucially and psychologically important double figures score! Runs on the board lads!

Ajaz was bowled shortly after, and at the halfway mark of 10 overs we were 4/40, a lot better than we thought we might be, but in need of some big runs with Ali, Rex and Mick to come, to get us to 100 or better and something to bowl at. Adam Birss joined Ev in the middle, for their first partnership since about 20 years ago in the Sutherland Shire C3 Pub League! Ads being the team man he is, made way quickly though for Ali, with a beautifully compiled and unlucky 1.

5 down, Ev was out for 30, holding the innings together at the top, but we had Ali and Rex, our established batters to come, and who we had all waited diligently for. They’d see us through!

Perhaps that long journey in the traffic had taken it out of them though as Ali and Rex went back to back for 6 and 1, and we were left with our junior player Mick Walker, soon to get his pension card to save the day! And save the day he did with some glorious sixes, putting on a last wicket partnership of 30 odd to get the Wombats to 9/89. Not the best, but could’ve been a lot worse! Something to bowl at, and as always, runs on the board! They need to make them lads!

And make them they did…..

Long time JCL stand-out batsman Supun, having scored bugger all in the recent national games, took out his frustrations on the Wombats bowlers, scoring 83 including 29 off one over. The Tuskers got the runs in 7.2 overs, with the Wombats smartly letting the Tuskers ease their way to victory in a lost cause, and allowing us to have a long lunch break, enjoying a Four N Twently meat pie and watching the end to good match between Wyverns and Tigers on SICG1.


Japan Cup Finals: Plate Semi Final vs Kyoto Super Lions

Having “strategically” lost our opening game, we were put into the bottom 4 teams to play it out for the more prestigious “Plate” title of the Japan Cup Finals.

Taking the drive down to Sano, we were amazed when everyone turned up, and at the toss we had 10 players! We were also amazed to see a giant scaffold, 5 massive tv cameras, and a desk with tv monitors, radars, computers and about a dozen staff from the opposition side! They were taking this 9th vs 10th playoff seriously! Apparently it was for a “special project”….

This special project involved having a bloke on a walkie talkie directly next to the scorers table, calling in the result of every bet ball, but also involved the opposition squad of around 20 odd, not actually having anybody who knew how to score! Not suspicious at all!

Anyway, after getting our bets pads on, Ali decided to open up with the form batsmen of the first game and it was Mick and Ev, combined age of almost 100 who strode out to the crease. They put on a patient but strong opening partnership of 50 off about 7 overs, and the Wommies were in a good position to beat the over/unders set a large total for Kyoto to chase. Rex came in and went quickly, leading to his regular riposte of “I hate cricket!”.

Hassan also came and went quickly, unfortunately picking out the only Kyoto bloke who could actually field, who took a sharp catch on the boundary to one that looked like it was going for 6. Ali joined Mick in the middle, and the two of them took to the Kyoto bowling, with some great shots and huge boundaries into the bushes. At the end of the innings we had 155/5, and even with one short (and Ev) in the field, that probably should be enough if we bowled well.

Some good hitting early on from the Kyoto openers though, had us checking our betting slips  scorecard regularly as they were 0/40 into the 5th over, wondering if this game might finish early too! Some good bowling by Ali, Bill and Robb saw some wickets fall, and the scoring dried up – with a great catch by Robb, and then a surprising catch from Ev the stand-in midget WK who couldn’t believe when he looked in his gloves that the ball was still there, and who then proceeded to throw off his gloves and run around like a lunatic, in the most ridiculous celebration for a standard, simple edge and routine caught behind that you’ve ever seen!

The Wombats kept up the pressure on the bookies opposition, with some confident catching by Rex and Mick in the deep helping secure the winnings victory with 3 overs to spare, by 30 odd runs. The Wombats strode off, glorious, victorious and lined up to shake hands with the opposition, who were firmly stuck in their chairs, not bothering to even stand up! Probably still annoyed they lost against the spread against 10 players.

With that the Wombats were into the Plate Final of the Japan Cup!


Japan Cup Finals: Plate Final vs Osaka Lions

Bad news arrived after the game, with a few expected Sunday players being unavailable, but good news arrived with the fact that having won the semi-final our next game would be pushed back from a 9:00am start to a 1:00pm start! A bunch of Wombats decided to take full advantage of that, parking themselves at a nearby Sano izakaya and 5 of them proceeding to smash 60 beers! That’s an average of 12 each!

If only we could all average 12 with the bat…..

Time flew so much that Ev was confused (as always) when the waiter said it was last orders (at about 11:00pm) saying “I thought it was only 7:30!”. A highlight of the night was having the father of a family at the next table, coming up to us after he had paid his bill, and rather than complaining about the raucous, loud, shouty, punching tables behaviour of the Wommies proceeded to say – “thanks for the great night! I really enjoyed it! Best night I’ve had in a long time!”. Wonders will never cease!

Onto the game, and having 10 again for the final, Wombats would be up against it with a solid Osaka Lions outfit awaiting. Regular T20 skipper Ken Dobson lost the toss (although probably still saying, “we’ll have a bat”), and we were put into the field, on a glorious sunny Sano Sunday.

Big Bill and Ali opened the bowling, and had the Osaka openers in trouble with some rapid stuff from Bill, and typical tight spin from Ali and we had the Lions 1/21 off 6, and the Wommies were looking in very good shape after the power play.

There must have been some confusion or miscommunication with the Osaka team though, as despite only going for 21 runs during the 6 over PowerPlay, they proceeded to then go for 8, 12, 15 and 8 over the next 4 overs!! Despite some good bowling at the death by Ajaz, and Rex learning how to catch again and back in love with cricket! – the Lions ended up with 155/5, which could be a tough ask for us to chase.

“They’re about 20 short here I reckon…..” said Jacques Kallis infamously after conceding 435 to Australia in an ODI and then coming out and getting it!

With in-form Mick out to open with a strong look top 6 of Adam, Hassan, Rex, Ken and Ali – the Wombats were every chance. Osaka, however had other ideas and had us 3/22 early on, with Mick, Adam and Hassan all departing. Cricket Lover Rex, and Ali put on a much needed partnership, before quick wickets fell again and we were in all sorts at 6/60. Bill and Ali started going for it, and a huge 6 from Bill and 3 in a row from Ali and the wommies started to check the betting slips scorecard closely again. It wasn’t to be though, as Bill and Ali went down swinging and the Osaka Lions gained a deserved win in the final by 57 runs.

A fun weekend was had by all, and with that comes the end of the 2022 season! Will see you all back in 2023!

Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club -- Match Scorecard

Tokyo Wombats CC vs Tuskers CC
Japan Cup 2022 Finals (League Match), SICG 2, Tochigi, October 22, 2022

ResultTuskers CC won by 10 wickets
TWCC MoME Hitchman

Tokyo Wombats CC Innings: 88/9 (18.4 overs)

R B 4s 6sSR
B Bhinderb B Ranathunga02000.00
E Hitchmanb H Mohamed30344188.24
A Bakarb B Ranathunga03000.00
R Zlocc & b B Ranathunga1100010.00
M Ajazb N Muthukumarana8171047.06
A Birssc S Senavirathna b N Priyadarshana160016.67
M Ali*c B Ranathunga b N Priyadarshana6100060.00
R Kobayashib N Priyadarshana450080.00
M Walkernot out201721117.65
S Singhb D Sandaruwan390033.33

Extras(b 1, lb 5, w 8, nb 1)15

TOTAL(9 wickets)88

Fall of wickets

O M R W wd nbEcon
B Ranathunga4.01173004.25
D Sandaruwan3.40151404.09
H Mohamed4.00171104.25
M Dissanayake2.00160208.00
N Muthukumarana1.0021102.00
N Priyadarshana3.00143014.67
D Nilanka

Tuskers CC Innings: 95/0 (7.1 overs)

R B 4s 6sSR
S Navarathnanot out832859296.43
K Gayashannot out10171058.82
B Ranathungadnb

D Sandaruwan*dnb

N Priyadarshanadnb

R Wijesinghednb

N Muthukumaranadnb

M Dissanayakednb

H Mohameddnb

D Nilankadnb

S Senavirathnadnb

Extras(b 0, lb 0, w 0, nb 2)2

TOTAL(0 wickets)95

Fall of wickets

O M R W wd nbEcon
M Ali4.00320008.00
B Bhinder1.001400014.00
M Ajaz1.002900129.00
R Zloc1.102000117.14

Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club -- Match Scorecard

Tokyo Wombats CC vs Kyoto Super Lions CC
Japan Cup 2022 Finals (Plate Semi Final), Sano 4, Tochigi, October 22, 2022

ResultTWCC won by 33 runs
TWCC MoMM Walker

Tokyo Wombats CC Innings: 155/5 (20.0 overs)

R B 4s 6sSR
M Walkerst C Kodokara b C Dushantha775445142.59
E Hitchmanc R Cooray b A Mohammed16262061.54
R Kobayashib R Manawadu670085.71
A Bakarc R Cooray b I Ishan340075.00
M Ali*run out (D Sanka/C Kodokara)372822132.14
B Bhindernot out3300100.00
A Birssdnb

S Singhdnb

R Zlocdnb

M Ajazdnb

Extras(b 3, lb 1, w 7, nb 2)13

TOTAL(5 wickets)155

Fall of wickets
1-50 E Hitchman, 2-78 R Kobayashi, 3-88 A Bakar, 4-146 M Walker, 5-155 M Ali
O M R W wd nbEcon
R Cooray3.00160015.33
P Umesh2.01800309.00
R Manawadu4.00211305.25
A Mohammed3.00271009.00
I Ishan1.0091000.00
C Dushantha4.00361109.00
D Sanka3.00240018.00

Kyoto Super Lions CC Innings: 122 (17.2 overs)

R B 4s 6sSR
C Kodokarac R Zloc b M Ali201511133.33
A Mohammedc E Hitchman† b B Bhinder201630125.00
R Coorayc R Kobayashi b R Zloc221412157.14
A Ganepolac R Kobayashi b R Zloc781087.50
P Thewarapperumac M Ajaz b R Zloc260033.33
I Ishanc M Ali b S Singh360050.00
D Sankac M Walker b S Singh470057.14
D Silva*c M Walker b S Singh7131053.85
C Dushanthac R Kobayashi b M Ajaz130033.33
R Manawadub M Ajaz14181077.78
P Umeshnot out01000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 0, w 18, nb 3)22

TOTAL(10 wickets)122

Fall of wickets
1-40 C Kodokara, 2-49 A Mohammed, 3-74 R Cooray, 4-76 A Ganepola, 5-83 P Thewarapperuma....and the rest is missing. is so village.
O M R W wd nbEcon
M Ali4.01191004.75
B Bhinder4.004012110.00
R Zloc3.00193406.33
S Singh3.202431007.20
M Ajaz3.00192226.33

Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club -- Match Scorecard

Tokyo Wombats CC vs Osaka Lions CC
Japan Cup 2022 Finals (Plate Final), Sano 3, Tochigi, October 23, 2022

Osaka Lions CC
ResultOsaka Lions CC won by 57 runs

Osaka Lions CC Innings: 157/7 (20.0 overs)

R B 4s 6sSR
B Wijebandarac R Kobayashi b M Walker554043137.50
C Dushmantha*c R Kobayashi b M Ali190011.00
M Dolawattalbw b R Zloc28322287.50
D Sanjeewanot out302502120.00
D Buultjensc M Ajaz b K Dobson6301200.00
M Navaratnec M Ali† b B Bhinder380037.50
S Fernandoc M Ali† b Bhinder6301200.00
U Kanishkac M Ali† b M Ajaz13501260.00
J Sanjeewadnb

S Sanjayadnb

K Shibata

Extras(b 0, lb 2, w 8, nb 5)15

TOTAL(7 wickets)157

Fall of wickets
1-4 C Dushmantha, 2-65 M Dolawatta, 3-118 B Wijebandara, 4-126 D Buultjens, 5-136 M Navaratne, 6-142 S Fernando, 7-157 U Kanishka
O M R W wd nbEcon
B Bhinder4.00252116.25
M Ali4.01181104.50
R Zloc4.00351018.75
R Kobayashi2.002402012.00
M Walker2.00171028.50
K Dobson2.00181419.00
M Ajaz2.00181009.00

Tokyo Wombats CC Innings: 100 (16.2 overs)

R B 4s 6sSR
M Walkerc D Sanjeewa† b J Sanjeewa131211108.33
A Birssb J Sanjeewa05000.00
A Bakarc M Dolawatta b S Fernando07000.00
K Dobson*b K Shibata17181094.44
R Kobayashic D Sanjeewa† b K Shibata191411135.71
M Alic J Sanjeewa b S Sanjaya322813114.29
M Ajazc M Navaratne b D Buultjens250040.00
B Bhinderc S Fernando b K Shibata7301233.33
R Zlocst D Sanjeewa† b K Shibata01000.00
E Hitchmannot out150020.00

Extras(b 0, lb 0, w 9, nb 0)9

TOTAL(9 wickets)100

Fall of wickets
1-11 A Birss, 2-17 M Walker, 3-22 A Bakar, 4-55 R Kobayashi, 5-60 K Dobson, 6-63 M Ajaz, 7-97 B Bhinder....and the rest is missing. is so village.
O M R W wd nbEcon
S Fernando4.00231105.75
J Sanjeewa3.00152405.00
S Sanjaya2.20161206.86
K Shibata4.00194204.75
D Buultjens3.00271009.00


  • Robb, great diving (or falling….) effort at backward point for a crucial catch.
  • Rex – in the deep with a tough one.
  • Mick – solid, never in doubt
  • Ajaz! – what a show off – on the boundary, with a scorcher, taps it up to himself and calmly walks back over the rope and takes it nonchalantly!

Dropped Catches

  • Rex – forgot how to catch, dropping a few skiers in the deep


  • Ali – “I don’t need a family name, Muhammad Ali speaks for itself!”
  • Rex – “I hate cricket!”
  • Rex – “I love cricket again!”
  • Ev – “Middle stump please….ah sorry, leg please…..ah 2 offs please…” trying to waste time while we only had 6 players vs Tuskers!
  • Ev – “Hope you got that on camera!” to any Kyoto players, or audience that may be watching after another big Wombats 6!
  • Ev – “I thought it was 7:30!” – only to be told that it was last orders and 11pm!

Great Moments in Sport

  • The car arriving and Wombats having more than 6 players!
  • 60 beers!
  • Micks’ 77 vs Kyoto (not his age, his runs!)

Dummy Spits

  • Rex – I hate cricket….
  • Ev – “you can appeal once, not 2, 3, 4 times mate!” – getting fired up at Rasika from the opposition with some loooooooong appeals

Golden Thong Nominations

  • Everybody who pulled out late and didn’t play! You know who you are! (that doesn’t apply to all those Wommies who have recently had kids, or who are about to have one – you guys never pull out!)
  • Ev – had one too many beers excitedly on the Saturday night, and was in all sorts on the Sunday.

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