TWCC 144/9 - 120/9 Keio University

May 8, 2022 - 1:15 pm at YCAC
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Superman Saviour vs Students

by Adam Birss

Newly appointed Captain Ken Dobson had a plan.

Making the decisive move and communicating with the opposition captain of our plans to bat, Keio graciously accepted to field first on a gloomy but comfortable Yokohama afternoon. Welcoming 4 new members and a total of 5 players making their Japan Cup debuts a strong leader is needed. Dobson barked out the orders clearly. Survival early, protect the shot makers at all cost and the Wombats would come home with a wet sail.

Adam Birss and Jack Jermyn were sent into the fray with the message still ringing in their ear; survival at all cost. The pair was backing up their underwhelming performance from Wednesday, however stability is at the core of any good team – is this the opening pairing that the Wombats have been searching for? Their style of run making took me back to the grand old days of 80’s test cricket, when a run rate of 2 an over was considered rapid. They hung on for dear life against an attack that was described in the press gallery as “ordinary” to “average”. They were sticking to the plan.

Birss fell first, cheaply again (2 off 12 balls) after finally seeing the shine off the ball, again throwing away his wicket. 1-10

Next to the crease was debutant Aoi Kurokawa. More used to kicking goals on the Rugby field for (Tokyo Sankyu Pheonix) she had not seen cricket until turning up to the ground…many would say she still hasn’t. Unfortunately the bowler got one straight. 2-10

Another debut maker in next, with Ashfaq Muhammad purposfully hitting the crease. Looking solid in defense, only to be caught out by the Yokohama pitch, lofting one up to mid-on. 3-10.

What happened next is what brings the crowds to cricket. Tommy “Pam” Jones arrived at the non-striker’s end for the first time in Wombat’s colours. Jermyn prodded a ball toward cover and promptly called yes, to which Jones obliged. The chance to run was optimistic at best, others in the crowd using the words “suicidal”, “crazy” and most often “plain stupid”. Despite the huge effort from Jones he ended up only being short by about 4 meters. Out on debut. For a Silver Duck. Without facing a ball. 4-10

Charlie by any other name was next to the crease, and the next to leave after being caught deep in his crease by a shooter. 5-10.

Ken “we’ve got them right where we want them” Dobson was up next. The top order having done its job of seeing off the openers had set the game up perfectly for a plunder from the new captain. Together with the set Jermyn they set about building the innings. The Wombats’ dressing room continued to ooze confidence as the pair turned over the strike and found the odd boundary. The scoreboard started to tick over and the run rate slowly rise. Jermyn finally hearing the death rattle for 24 (33). The score now 6-75 with still plenty of work to be done for the Wombat’s to post a competitive score.

Ali had barely had time to change out of his Hawaiian shirt after racing to the ground from the airport. “How was Okinawa?…pad up” was the greeting he received. Together with Dobson the Wombats hit the accelerator. Working together like a well oiled machine, the partnership saw Dobson get his 50, The Wombat’s get to the 20th over and the score to 7-143 when Ali finally picked out a fielder for 31 (23).

Hitchman came and went 1 (4) and BTD wrapped up the innings on the final ball being bowled for a duck.

Dobson remained unbeaten after a classy, chanceless 67 (44).

The Wombat’s had set Keio 145 for victory and they started at a rapid pace. Quickly racing to 45 off the first 4 overs thanks to some swashbuckling batting. Then Tommy “Pam” Jones drew a false shot from the opener who spooned a catch to Ali. 1-45.

Keio then looked to settle again, although looked continually under pressure through tight fielding led by newcomer Aoi. The introduction of Ali was the pivotal moment – the combination of tight bowling from both ends drew the false shot from the well set opener – 2-65

Wombats for a moment then took their foot off the throat of the opposition, some loose bowling and the pressure was back on. Captain Dobson called on Jones again who managed to pick up the dogged opener clean bowled. That was the last of the honest Keio defense, with the bowlers bowling tight lines ensured that Keio was never really in the hunt.

Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club -- Match Scorecard

Tokyo Wombats CC vs Keio University Knights CC
Japan Cup 2022 (South Kanto), YCAC, Kanagawa, May 8, 2022

Tokyo Wombats CC
ResultTWCC won by 24 runs
TWCC MoMK Dobson

Tokyo Wombats CC Innings: 144/9 (20.0 overs)

R B 4s 6sSR
A Birssc S Kanamaru† b Y Komamura2120016.67
J Jermynb S Prageeth24333072.73
A Kurokawab Y Komamura01000.00
A Muhammadc S Prageeth b T Ito03000.00
T Jonesrun out (K Ito)00000.00
A Pokludalbw b M Ono02000.00
K Dobson*not out674483152.27
M Alic M Ono b Y Komamura312300134.78
E Hitchmanc S Kanamura† b K Kubota140025.00
B Dean-Titterrellb K Ito01000.00

Extras(b 3, lb 0, w 13, nb 3)19

TOTAL(9 wickets)144

Fall of wickets

O M R W wd nbEcon
T Ito3.0061702.00
Y Komamura4.00293007.25
M Ono4.00211205.25
K Ito3.00261018.67
S Prageeth3.00261118.67
T Arakida1.002100121.00
K Kubota

Keio University Knights CC Innings: 120/9 (20.0 overs)

R B 4s 6sSR
T Itob M Ali20222090.91
K Itoc M Ali b T Jones12730171.43
G Yamashitab T Jones161330123.08
M Onob M Ali9151060.00
S Prageethc K Dobson b A Muhammad260033.33
K Kubotalbw b K Dobson5150033.33
Y Komamurac K Dobson b A Pokluda140025.00
T Arakidanot out7230030.43
T Watanabeb A Pokluda481050.00
N Tokizawarun out (T Jones)4210200.00
S Kanamuranot out13530260.00
Extras(b 4, lb 0, w 23, nb 0)27

TOTAL(9 wickets)120

Fall of wickets

O M R W wd nbEcon
B Dean-Titterrell1.001906019.00
T Jones4.00362709.00
A Muhammad4.00181104.50
M Ali4.0072401.75
A Pokluda
K Dobson*


  • Ali at mid wicket, gobbled one up that was smashed right at him

Dropped Catches

  • Tommy Lee Jones – straight in and out off his own bowling


  • “He’s like a good looking Joe” – Ken (on new boy Tommy Lee Jones!)
  • “I hope Jack brings some better friends next time” – Ev (to Jack’s mates Tommy and Charlie who had both come and gone on consecutive deliveries for a golden and silver duck!)

Great Moments in Sport

  • Muhammad “Superman” Ali who wasn’t supposed to play, comes straight from Okinawa, Hawaiian shirt and all, leaving the wife stranded at the airport, rushes straight to YCAC and arrives at 5/10, pads up, bangs out 30 odd and puts on a huge partnership with Ken, and then takes 3 for good measure as well!
  • Huge match saving knock from the skipper Ken – 67 not out, just 2 short

Golden Thong Nominations

  • Jack – running out his mate on debut, without facing a ball! There was never a run there.
  • Tokyo Wombats – being 5/10 vs Keio Univ! We had them right where we wanted them!
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