TWCC 259/5 - 194/9 Dragons

July 8, 2007 - 11:00 am at Fuji 1
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by Ian Gason

On a muggy Sunday afternoon typical of Japan’s rainy season, Wombats and Dragons locked horns in a practise match at Fuji, with Wombats’ total of 259 enough to see them home safely.

With Wombats Tim Whisker, Roy O’, Dr B Luv, Killer, Axe, The Freak, Porky Pup Ainslie, Jay Bedi, and the veteran Mr Shaxx all unavailable, the Wombats dragged along an oyster salesman called Franco and a drunk Canadian called Gavin. The Body Koolhoff delayed the departure after a night of over-indulging in Hardys, but once we got past a squashed scooter rider, it was plain sailing. Except for The Body’s fouling the air, that is.

Chuck won the tossing, and opted to bat. Burkey and Dinosaur opened and put on a 40-something stand. Dino survived one appallingly simply dropped catch at point off the bowling of David Davies. Not long after, the Big Man from South of the Swan feathered an edge to the gloveman, and didn’t hesitate in walking. Regrettably his departing in this manner earned him no respect from the bowler who may have suggested he go and relax on that chair over there.C Jones entered the fray and had no trouble with the bowling of DDavis, except for finding an adjective other than ‘crap’ to repeatedly describe it.

Steve Burke’s 40-odd came to an end off the same bowler via a leading edge. Wombats’ leading competitive eater Chris Morty came in and combined for a 100+ partnership. If our Pom eats like he bats- hunger, concentration, technique and endurance- he will surely take out the Morty “eat more than anyone” Challenge.

The partnership was not without controversy. Wombat skip was ruled not out, despite the 11 fieldsmen appealling. It was finally ended in the 34th over, Morty caught 2 short of his half century. Chuck and Rhino France added 40 in 4 overs. The Dragons were keen to keep Rhino on strike, and Rhino liked it that way too, spanking 4 boundaries and plundering 20 runs off 1 Davies over. Chuck was caught deep. Rhino, Reggie and Kyal, now awake, took us through to 5/259.

Younis was the pick off the Dragons’ bowlers, plying a line outside off to a 7-2 field. He finished with 1-32 from 8.

Wombats started reasonably well, having the opposition 1/0 at the end of the 2nd, Morty looking to add to his wine collection. The 2nd wicket wouldn’t have produced 45 runs had Kyal and Dino not engaged in a game of “I want to win The Hershcelle”. Both spilled sitters so bad Ray Charles would have taken ’em. One handed.

Another Morty wicket was followed by another Morty wicket, Dragons 3/46. David Davies came out, took forever to take guard, played several pre-meditated forward defences. His prancing and preening between every ball dragged his 7-ball, 2-run innings out forever. After the amount of time that had gone into his field placings earlier, we were on course for night finish until Reggie knocked his middle peg out of the ground.

Younis (36) ably supported opener Graeme (64) through the next 20 overs, Graeme taking some risks going aerial, until Big Al Koolhoff got his first wicket since March. Younis was next to go, caught napping by Kyal (how ironic is that…) whose direct hit from square leg proved that if you snooze, you lose.

Anyway, except for Morty pulling off a Paul Collingwood style grab at slip, things kind of petered out from there. The Japanese on Fuji II had even packed up and left, hanseikai and all, it was getting that late. Owls came out, and Franco rolled the arm over, with all the accuracy of Matthew Richardson kicking for goal. Four memorable overs, 1 stumping, a wide or 6, donkey drops, beam-balls, no-balls, an 11 year old scoring 3*….. One with the lot.

Dragons chase of 9/195 a good effort, and both side will take some positives into their next league fixtures. The passion shown on the field in the heat of the day was left on the field and in the cool moonlit evening, Hardys awards went to Morty, Graeme (Dragons) and Kyal.

Tomei traffic was incredibly light, allowing us to fly thru the highway in just over an hour, resulting in a large number of unopened drinks back at Harajuku. There was still enough time for a lengthy disucssion by Kyal on the merits of sharing with mates, and a other assorted juvenile gutter gossip. A vocabulary building excercise – not one from the Berlitz manuals – saw club Prez Jarrad unable to come up with even one word for “sexual intercourse.”

Thanks to Dragons skip Andy for organising the fixture.

Hardys Man of the Match

Chris Mortimer
vs Dragons (Jul 8, 2007)
Morty again proved himself as one of the finds of the season for the Wombats with another fine all-round display (runs, wickets, catch) and earning himself more of HARDYS finest.