TWCC 201/7 - 34/3 Chiba Sharks

July 11, 2010 - 11:00 am at Fuji 2
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by Grant Turner

TWCC looked forward to its 2nd competitive game of the season with a visit to Fuji to play good rivals, Chiba Sharks. After a lean couple of weeks of washouts, forfeits and lack of players, a full squad of 11 plus 1 reserve was picked and hopes were high that we’d get a game in to get 2010 season moving.

Alas it twas not to be, with the pain of a long trip to Fuji, greeted with a ground in reasonable condition, but the match cut-down in mid-stream by the onset of a Fuji downpour that put the pitch and ground out of condition, and the match marked down as a wash-out, no result.

Sadly and gladly for a few guys this resulted in a ‘no stats’ return on the game and the efforts, and they’ll have to do it all again to make sure it counts.

The day started brightly for all with Streps in turning up in an outrageously yellow shirt, Pres Farmer coming straight from the bar to the van, and we also witnessed the most outrageous pair of thongs/slabs of rubber that adorned Rony’s feet, certainly pitting him up against Al with footwear of the year.

Arriving at the ground, yours truly went out for the toss, taking out the lucky 10c piece for the occasion, the coin went up, Chris from the Sharks called tails, the coin fell arse-up, the Sharks chose to bowl and lucky 10c piece was duly dispatched into the Fuji long grass.

The Sharks came out pumped to rip through what looked like a slender Wombat batting lineup, but of course had to get through the beefcakes up front first in Beathy and Dino. Sadly for the Sharks, the long lay off between games had done nothing to diminish the Beathy and Dino touch as they duly set about tearing apart the Sharks attack.. The opening stand of 129 broken when Beathy fell trying to push the run rate further for a well compiled 52.

Dino and GT then started to look to set about building the target before Dino was bowled all ends up for 73, and finally giving a few other guys in the team a chance for a bat.

Pres Farmer came and went for a groggy 4 runs, then Nick came out, well practiced from his recent baseball exploits, and duly smashed one straight down the ground in a glorious off drive. However, forgetting he was now wielding the cricket willow not some baseball stick, sat back on his bat admiring his handy work, as GT ran down reminding him he has to run in this game – a certain 3 cut down to 1. Shortly after Streps then proceeded to try his arm at the bat-throwing caper as well, sending his bat circling through the air and Sharks mid-wicket scurrying for cover. Streps finally went for an action packed 17.

Richard came, conquered and thought 6 runs will do, departing to give his son Ben a chance to create his own Wombat history, with his first runs for the club, duly picked off with a neat tuck around to square leg off the opening bowler and one run in the book. Sadly by the end of the day, the rain duly washed away that record and the stats will show he needs to replicate again. We’re sure the time will come again all too soon.

The Wombat innings finished with Phil copping a first ball golden in his first official dig for the club, perhaps setting the dubious record of being out first ball faced for the club. Luckily on this occasion the rain god also wiped this record and Phil shall live to redeem another day.

Wombats setting the target of 201 for 7 off their 40 overs, a score that was deemed a good target at the start of the day and felt would be enough on this ground today.

The Sharks innings started shakily, with the first drops of rain starting, and as it did, the first Sharks started departing. When the deluge finally hit, the Sharks were in deep trouble at 3-34 off 10 overs, Nick picking up 2 smart wickets with his seamers, and Koolhof 1 wicket helped with a beautiful slippers catch taken by Beathy, surely to rate up there in catch of the year, until the game got called and the stat doesn’t count.

As the Fuji heavens opened, and the ground filled with water, surely this was ideal for the Sharks, right in their element, but the bleating cries of “its raining, its raining”, coming from deep under the canopy saw the players scurry, and the game called.

This only now meant that Al could get his hands on the brand spanking new Wombat BBQ, christened today for the first time, as the lads enjoyed a post-game sanger sandwich huddled around the back of the van. Not quite the relaxing scene envisioned, but the food was good all the same.

After such a hollow end to a game of cricket, and the long haul back up the Tomei in the teeming rain, even the van ride back was a little subdued. The quiet reflection, wasn’t broken until Strider pulled off the Tomei and Dino finally started piping up, Dino style, with his stream of Dino observational waffle. Strider pulled it in at Harajuku, beaut new esky still in one piece, safe in the knowledge this one is harder to break than those pesky foam numbers, and less clean up when he finishes. Definitely not one for the van ride stat books either….

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