Rising Stars 354/5 - 226 TWCC

May 18, 2024 - 11:00 am at Sano 1
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Rising Stars Sweep Wombats Aside

by Archit Choudhury

On a typically sunny day at the Sano 1 Cricket Ground, the Wombats faced off against the Rising Stars in a highly anticipated match. Known for being a batsman-friendly pitch, Sano 1 traditionally favors the team that bats first. Unfortunately for the Wombats, the luck of the toss did not go their way, and they were put into the field by the Stars.

Opening the bowling for the Wombats were Archit and Joe. Archit struggled initially, bowling a mix of short and good length deliveries, which the Stars capitalized on in unexpected and punishing ways. After the first drinks break, Joe brought a spark to the Wombats’ attack, breaking the opening partnership with a crucial wicket.

However, that breakthrough did little to stem the flow of runs. The Wombats’ bowlers were thoroughly bashed by the Stars’ batting lineup, particularly by their star player, Mohammed Ibrahim Robin. Robin’s commanding innings left the Wombats’ bowlers with no answers as he played a majestic knock, propelling the Stars to an imposing total of 354 for 5 in their allotted 40 overs.

Chasing a mammoth target, the Wombats needed a solid start. Alex provided just that, playing a steady and composed innings, scoring 47 runs off 47 balls before being caught behind. Despite a couple of small contributions from the top order, the Wombats struggled to keep pace with the required run rate.

Enter Rex, who brought some excitement to the Wombats’ innings with a blistering display of power hitting. He smashed four consecutive sixes, momentarily raising the Wombats’ hopes, but his aggressive approach led to his downfall as he hit one straight to point.

With Rex’s departure, the responsibility fell to Archit and Kavin to steer the team and ensure they didn’t concede a bonus point to the Stars. They fought valiantly, putting on a resilient partnership. However, the target proved too daunting, and the Wombats eventually succumbed to the pressure.

The Wombats were bowled out for 226 in 38 overs, falling short by a considerable margin. Despite their best efforts, the difference in the scores highlighted the dominance of the Stars, particularly their talismanic batter, Mohammed Ibrahim Robin

Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club -- Match Scorecard

Tokyo Wombats CC vs Rising Stars CC
Japan Cricket League 2024 (Div. 1), Sano 1, Tochigi, May 18, 2024

Tokyo Wombats CC
ResultRising Stars won 128 runs

Rising Stars CC Innings: 354 (40.0 overs)

R B 4s 6sSR
S Rahmanc A Bakar b J Lewis534462120.45
I RobinR McKenna b J Lewis11864128184.38
R Haquenot out57718080.28
U Sayeedb A Bakar251931131.58
R Kabirc A Bakar b R McKenna412424170.83
A Chowdhuryc M Kawashima b A Bakar23813287.50
M Hasannot out131201108.33
K Muraddnb

A Bhuiyandnb

B Hossaindnb

H Hridoydnb

Extras(b 0, lb 1, w 21, nb 2)24

TOTAL(5 wickets)354

Fall of wickets

O M R W wd nb Econ
Arc Choudhury6.006100110.17
J Lewis8.01602617.50
M Ali4.00390009.75
K Jinasena6.00470007.83
R McKenna6.007217012.00
A Hassan7.00592708.43
Arp Choudhury3.00150105.00

Tokyo Wombats CC Innings: 226 (38.5 overs)

R B 4s 6sSR
A Patmorec K Murad† b H Hridoy474780100.00
R McKennac H Hridoy b A Chowdhury9191047.37
M Ali*b H Hridoy151030150.00
M Kawashimab M Robin12241050.00
R Kobayashic M Robin b B Hossain402304173.91
Arp Choudhuryc K Murad† b A Bhuiyan111009.09
K Jinasenac M Kabir b M Hasan42506084.00
B Bhinderc H Hridoy b M Robin5510100.00
A Bakarc M Haque b M Robin01000.00
Arc Choudhuryc H Hridoy b M Hasan12290041.38
J Lewisnot out8181044.44
Extras(b 0, lb 7, w 24, nb 4)35

TOTAL(10 wickets)226

Fall of wickets

O M R W wd nbEcon
A Bhuiyan8.01271103.38
A Chowdhury6.004011006.67
H Hridoy5.01152603.00
R Kabir3.003102010.33
I Robin8.01373434.62
B Hossain5.005510111.00
M Hasan3.50142103.65

Abu Bakar
vs Rising Stars (May 18, 2024)
Hassan took a couple of key catches and jagged two wickets in a bruising affair with the Rising Stars.