TWCC 136 - 137/3 Indian Engineers

July 18, 2005 - 11:00 am at Shizuoka
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by Courtney Jones

The familiar plus the not so familiar faces that appeared on Monday morning at Harajuku station all had that common glassy, red eyed look of not enough sleep or hangover or both. Nothing unusual there. After Spacey complaining it was too early to play cricket, losing first gamer Flanno while he went off searching for quick cash and Killers eye-watering farts we hit the road for the longest cricketing roadtrip in Japan-The hollowed flix pitch of the Shizuoka Ground.

Curly charged to Shizuoka. On the way testing the aerodynamic and mechanical extremes of the toyota van while those not too hungover to care if they crashed and died a fiery, agonizing death in a van, white knuckling any protruding object.

After kissing the ground upon arrival it was immediately apparant to all that it was really, really hot. Laying out the pitch was oppressive. The Engineers arrived, Curly tossed beautifully and decided the Wombats would have a hit. Pre-game speech welcomed Kyal, Jonesy, Flanno, Neil and Shoab to the Wombats then moved to violet crumbles and finally team tactics.

The chocolate inspired capt opened the batting with local lad Neil who quickly lost his leg stump. Smoker walked out to bat at #3 and 2 balls later walked back to the comfort of his cold 6 pack curtesy of gloving one to the keeper. Reagan batting at #4 joined Curly for the best batting of the day. Curly spanked some pulls and anything full was given the full slogging treatment with 2 of them landing way over the boundary. Reagan drove elegantly and slashed heartily at anything wide and suddenly the Wombats were 2/95 after 14 overs. Curly tried to slog anotherone and got a thick edge to mid-off with a 50 in sight and was caught for a powerful 43. Reagan was out caught and bowled straight after for 27.

The Indian bowlers really applied the screws now . Regular wickets fell and maidens were common. Killer hit out for 9. Kyal, duck. Flanno, duck, Jonesy 4 and Spacey hung around for a subdued but valuable 12 not out. Spacey provided me, the umpire with some priceless humour. I told him a new bowler was on. Space re-took his guard and moments later barked out to me “Oi umpire. Whats the bowlers name?” Even if I did know the bowlers name I was too flabbergasted and laughing to be able to answer him. Final score 136.

The humour continued at the interval with Ian presenting a real violet crumble to our fan Biju. Maybe in Ian’s world travels he came across some Indian, ceremonial present giving ritual but i’ve never seen someone give a present by putting it down the back of his pants/jocks. I wonder if he ate it? Where’s Nikka?

The Wombats opened up their defence with the usual suspects. After taking some early stick Reagan blew a straight, full fast one past Viswas blade to have him LBW. Not much success for the next 15 overs but plenty of action. Flanno was introduced into the attack for the first bowl in 12 years. He charged in and sent the first ball typically wide, no big deal. Next ball, short and fast and glidded away for a single. Next ball, wide. Next ball hit to mid on where a catch goes down. Next ball, beamer-no ball. Next, wide. Next ball, fast and short and the batter just manages to fend the ball away from his temple to be caught at slip but it’s a no-ball for the second short ball in the over. The over ended up going for 10 runs with only one off the bat!

Kyal had a trundle and quickly found a good line. He was rewarded clean bowling Nissar. Smoker the crafty dog picked up the wicket of Vimal for 56 with a cunning piece of bowling. He delivered a juicy full toss outside off that was belted to point where a frozen Shoab wrapped his hands around the ball to pull off a catch which the Kytes boys reckon he’s never taken for them. The Engineers knocked off the runs soon after in 21.3 overs.

Curly got The Wombats best player while Vimal with 2/21 and 56 runs the bottle of Hardy’s for the Engineers. The Shizuoka boys brought down a barby and an esky full of beers so both teams sat around for 2 hours post game enjoying the now cool breeze, fresh air, highlights and laughs. Thanks to Neil and Shoab for playing for the Wombats and again Neil for keeping, bad knees and all. The Enginneers for organising the game and barby and to Flanno and Jonesy for filling in.

We dropped Smoker, Jonesy and Flanno off at Shizuoka station as they were off to Osaka, bottle of JD in hand for a bit of sightseeing so the van was relatively empty for the return road trip. Conversation was deep and meaningfull(Dr. Dave would have loved it!) with Wommies sharing their best and worst of a variety of topic’s and hypotheticals.(Spacey, true love can be so cruel!)

Great day out lads with everyone involved in the game and getting a chance to do something. I can’t bear to spectate another Wombats game. See ya’s Sunday for the big KCL clash vs Millenium.

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