TWCC 141/6 - 144/2 British Embassy

July 10, 2022 - 1:15 pm at YCAC
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Embassy Deport Wayward Wombats

by Evan Hitchman

We assembled at YCAC for Round 3 of the Japan Cup Division 2 clash with our friendly rivals, British Embassy.

Arriving with many of the regulars out suspended, or otherwise unavailable, and only 10 players, one of those who was Jamie Payne’s dad Mervyn, at the sprightly age of 70 years old meant it could be a long, and hot day at the office for the Wombats.

Captain for the day Rex won the toss and elected to bat, and put on a great partnership with Jack of 97, getting the Wombats off to a great start. Rex was batting beautifully until he misjudged a slower one from Vik. On the team sheet the batting did look to fall off a cliff somewhere after position 2 though, and so it would turn out with the wommies going from 0/97 to 4/103~! A boundary from Jamie straight down the ground was sadly just a flash in a pan, as he was stumped a few balls later, Satyam, Aaron and Jack going swiftly as well. Niranjan and Milinda put on a face saving partnership at the end of the innings with some nice shots with us finishing up on 6/141 off our 20 overs. Probably 20-30 short of a competitive total, but with the ace up our sleeve – Robocop Ken Oiwa joining us in the 2nd innings to field who knows what would be possible!

Satyam and Milinda opened up the bowling, with Satyam making the ball “singh” on many occasions with some good outswing. He got an early wicket thanks to a great catch from Jack (sadly that would not be the only thing the Wombats caught from this match!). After that, it was tough to find a wicket as the Embassy batters slowly went about eating away at the total, and the wombats bowlers offering up too many freebies. Rex and Niranjan had some tight overs, as did Jamie when he got his line and length right, but there was not much more to cheer about, apart from a fine catch by debutant Keita off the bowling of Rex for the second wicket.

That was all she wrote, as Euan and somehow Rob, in a superhuman effort just to stand up, managed to see Embassy home very comfortably with 6 overs to spare.

Some very enjoyable cold beers were shared, and highlights and lowlights comments were passed around……along with a few other things that half the wombats seemed to have caught! Not a good day at the wicket when you get more positive cases than you take wickets!

Anyway, still in 2nd place and a good chance to finishing top 2, and a replay vs Embassy later in the year with a stronger line up should produce a closer game.

Thanks to Aaron, Ken and young Mervyn for helping out today, and for Keita for finally making his debut!

Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club -- Match Scorecard

Tokyo Wombats CC vs British Embassy CC
Japan Cup 2022 (South Kanto), YCAC, Kanagawa, July 10, 2022

Tokyo Wombats CC
Result BECC won by 8 wickets
TWCC MoM R Kobayashi

Tokyo Wombats CC Innings: 141/6 (20.0 overs)

R B 4s 6s SR
J Jermyn st D Barker† b K Murata 32 35 5 0 91.43
R Kobayashi c S Lavender b V Ragunathan 47 29 8 1 162.07
A Pokluda c D Barker† b K Murata 0 2 0 0 0.00
J Payne st D Barker† b J Fouracres 4 6 1 0 66.67
S Singh lbw b V Ragunathan 4 7 1 0 57.14
N Madhavan lbw b J Fouracres 6 11 0 0 54.55
M Dharmadasa not out 25 22 4 0 113.64
K Kashima not out 1 2 0 0 50.00
E Hitchman dnb

K Oiwa dnb

M Payne dnb

Extras (b 4, lb 2, w 16, nb 0) 22

TOTAL (6 wickets) 141

Fall of wickets

O M R W wd nb Econ
J Lewis 4.0 0 22 0 2 0 5.50
B Kininmont 4.0 0 40 0 7 0 10.00
K Murata 4.0 0 29 2 1 0 7.25
V Ragunathan 4.0 1 22 2 0 0 5.50
J Fouracres 3.0 0 15 2 0 0 5.00
A Morcon 1.0 0 7 0 6 0 7.00

British Embassy CC Innings: 144/2 (12.5 overs)

R B 4s 6s SR
D Barker c J Jermyn b S Singh 6 9 1 0 66.67
S Lavender c K Kashima b R Kobayashi 28 17 5 0 164.71
R Newman not out 32 20 7 0 160.00
E Edwards not out 51 38 7 1 134.21
B Kininmont dnb

J Lewis dnb

K Murata dnb

V Ragunathan dnb

J Fouracres dnb

S Brooks dnb

A Morcon dnb

Extras (b 1, lb 1, w 18, nb 7) 27

TOTAL (2 wickets) 144

Fall of wickets

O M R W wd nb Econ
S Singh 3.0 0 16 1 3 1 5.33
M Dharmadasa 2.0 0 32 0 2 0 16.00
R Kobayashi 3.0 0 15 1 4 0 5.00
J Payne 4.0 0 60 0 4 6 15.00
N Madhavan 2.0 0 20 0 5 0 10.00


  • Jack took a ripper at square leg whilst running backwards and took it over his head.
  • Keita’s catch! Across the middle but handled well with crocodile hands!

Dropped Catches

  • No drops! Because they hit them all to the boundary!


  • Jamie – you’re going well mate. Apart from the line, and length – everythings perfect!
  • Richard Sciver : Ken if we rely on your iPad the partnership would have been 150 – some generous scoring by Ken

Great Moments in Sport

  • Mervyn Payne, playing his second ever game for the Wombats at the age of 70!
  • Opening partnership of 97 between Jack and Rex.
  • Robocop Ken Oiwa back on the field!

Golden Thong Nominations

  • Rex asking for water and getting out a few balls latter
  • J Payne’s balls that kept touching airplanes before making their way to the keeper

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