TWCC 186/9 - 171 Max

September 3, 2016 - 10:30 am at Sano 1
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Collapse we did…

by Ken Oiwa

Event (or the non-event) of the rained off cricket game in the previous week and the subsequent complaint on the sacred Wombats gmail forced many Wombats to take up the profession of being a meteorologist for the week proceeding this JCL Division 1 game against Max. They were also the previous year’s opponents in the grand final.

We were blessed with beautiful sunshine with the match getting underway with the Wombats on the field, with Rasi joining us after the first over (but no damage done). In fact, Max only had 10 batsman on the field. Max’s opening partnership lasted for 64 runs, which was ended with the fantastic bowling from Luke Eyes (after a long absence from bowling) when Koolhof made a great catch on the boundaries. This high catch was made all the harder as Richard shouted “Easy!!” as the ball was in the air. The grass was long in this match – an incident illustrated when your correspondent (Ken) tried to stop a ball with his foot, and bounced which ended for a four (the ball would have probably been stopped by the long grass and would have just been a two).

There was also a funny incident with Naimul attempting to throw a ball back to the stumps but chucking it straight in the air – a classic illustration of the Wombats not practicing very often (or not at all). Good bowling from Luke Eyes, Rasi and Vikram ensured that we managed to get over the middle order fairly smoothly. Vikram ensured that the opening batsman, Kumar was out for an LBW. The catch of the day came from Himanshu off Luke Eyes’ bowl, with the ball coming horizontally at Himanshu at pace. Himanshu managed to take it well, bruising his hand in the process and Talha was out. Koolhoff managed to bowl out the last batsman, Ashik, with Max at 186 all out 187 to win for the Wombats.

After lunch, Patmore and Richard formed a great starting partnership with 96 runs. Richard making 64 runs off 55 balls, which included 5 sixes and 4 fours. Richard was eventually caught. With Patmore out shortly after with a run-out, Rasi got a few good knocks, eventually making 18 which also included a six. Of the mid-order, Amir and Rasi formed a good partnership with Amir making 35. The opposition bowler, Inagawa ‘gifted us’ with 23 runs in an over, which included three wides and three no balls. However, as harsh as it sounds the infamous Wombats late-order “collapse” was in fore at this game. We were 164 after 5 wickets but all out for 168, with the last two batsman (Ken and Koolhof) deciding to take an early “bath” in the Sano river after a run out.

The game ensured that the Wombats finished third in the JCL division table. The semi final will be against the same opposition – Max as they finished second. Lets hope that the weather gods will be on our side next week as a rained off games means we will be out of the grand final.



  • Solid grab of a fast-travelling ball by Himanshu in the covers.
  • Well judged catch by Kooley in deep

Dropped Catches

  • Somewhat of a sitter on the boundary by Aamir – ball spills over the rope for six.
  • It would have been catch of the year had he got both of his hands to it. Kooly’s run and dive out on the boundary (at backward square).

Great Moments in Sport

  • Great comback by Luke taking out their opener (Nicely caught by “safe hands” of Kooly in the deep).
  • Rasika’s tight bowling.
  • Good opening stand between Patmore and Ritchie (some great sixes by Ritchie): a solid foundation of nearly 100 runs.
  • Naimul keeping us entertained in the field with that throw that just went straight up. Howzat for a doosra, fooled us all.
  • Richie scoring 18 runs after the bowler finally bowled 2 legal deliverys…
  • Ken’s soccer skills in action when he kicked the ball from the ring to then go for a 4.
  • The bowlers in general – considering we were missing the main-stayers.
  • Koolhof and Ken spending more time chatting up one of Max’s playings GF rather than paying attention to scoring.


  • “Tekitoni? I thought it was ‘Take a Tony’, after an ex-Wombat or something” – a beauty from Ken Oiwa
  • “You’re a lot like Sachin Tendulkar” – Himanshu to Koolhof. Answers on a postcard…
  • “Whats the fuss? It’s just girls walking around in their underwear” Koolhof on the lack of Hooters’ appeal.
  • “With no prima-donna fast bowlers in the team today, we should get through our overs quickly” …Declares Patmore to umpire Chris!
  • “Only positive encouragement please” – quips Koolhof after his captain gets negative on the fielding effort.

Dummy Spit

  • “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit”, shouted Ken from the boundaries on a delivery which was closely missed by Ritchie.

Golden Thong Nominations

  • Rasi thinking the game started at 11:00 when it started at 10.30

Wyndham Estate Man of the Match

Richard Bracefield
vs Max (Sep 3, 2016)
Richie did everything right at the top of the order for the Wombats with a blistering 64 runs, including some lovely shots for 4 along the ground, and huge, booming 6s into the Sano riverside jungle. Hopefully the big Kiwi can carry this form into the semi-final against the very same opposition and help TWCC finish the game on the right side of the ledger. Richie earns himself a bottle of George Wyndham wine as this week's Man of the Match!