Alpha Quashers Yokohama 159/8 - 54 TWCC

August 16, 2020 - 1:30 pm at YCAC
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Ali Lands Blows, but Wombats Out for the Count

by Ken Oiwa

The preparation: The Captain James Sanderson picked a fairly strong bowling and attacking team for this game, with the previous T20 win coming in before, trying to keep a 100% winning record. The toss was won by TWCC, which elected to field first as the game kicked off around 120pm and we had to leave the field at YCAC by 430pm (we thought rightly that we can keep quick pace with turning the overs so that we can leave the field on time). It was the first (and probably the only game for Ken Oiwa – your correspondent for this game as he has retreated to more of a triathlete and a supporter of the club alongside Jamie Payne, Frankie Hart and Mili D). Ken O was surprised to see a big guy in Jano having joined TWCC when his rugby schedule allows. Jano was told off for bringing a can of beer to the game but subsequently bought enough to cover his cheeky combini purchase. The conditions of the day was super hot – with the temperature reaching near 40 degrees (due to covid, we had to record our temperature but the recording was above 38 due to the outside temperature, so we just put in 36.5 for everyone!). The umpiring was done by Indian Engineers and always grateful to come out in this heat. Some of the wombats decided to settle the pre game nerves by having a few beers before the game with James Dobson sprinting back saying “I better finish the beers” before the start.

Wombats on the field: The opening spell was Jano and Pramond, who kept them under the wraps with solid few bowling spells against Karthick and Srinivas from AQ. Wicket keeping was done by the ever reliable Alex Patmore. Ken O dropped an absolute sitter from Karthick at off stump – although he was chasing the ball and it was spinning – missed the hands and into the nuts. Probably the most heroic catch in the history of TWCC must be awarded to James Sanderson. AQ batsman Kakki hit a high shot over his leg towards the fence near the road from Ali bowling and James S chased it backwards. The ball looped over his head (and his glasses) which he made him off balance as was with too much beer in the upper body, and there was a general slow motion comical fall of his hands wrapping around the ball and falling over-almost spinning backwards and landing on his neck. The ball was safely caught but James sustained a neck injury and possible concussion which rendered him injured for the rest of the game. Jamie Payne was very helpful in assisting Sanderson off the pitch. Ev gave the resident annoying ojisan a run for his money at the bar when the ojisan was instructing Ev to look after Sanderson as he thought it was heatstroke rather than a blow to the neck – Jamie Payne “get in the taxi” type moments. Also Ev came in handy when rugby Jamie was a little hungover and needed a break in the middle of fielding so gave fielding a bit of a chance, he did finish 3 overs of bowling which was a relief. AQ batsman Karthik and Srini got to a good partnership, smashing a few sixes onto the fence. Karthik was out from Kelvin bowling when he hit a skyier that probably went higher than the fence – which Ali positioned himself excellently and took a great catch. Also Srini wasted a lot of time requesting water breaks – at one time asking a can of redbull to be brought to him. Srini didn’t really need the additional redbull as he “gave up” trying to score as he run himself out, few balls after the redbull. There was a funny moment from AQ Nandha who said “water break” at 19th over with Wombats fuming but grinning back as “I’m only joking”. A great catch was done by Jano from Ali bowling when he did a sliding catch to a fast bowl on deep leg side. Ali got 4 wickets in the last over (five in total), which was very impressive. Dubair, Kelvin, rugby James, K Dobson all chipped in on the bowling with various success. There was a good clean wicket from Pramond which was textbook bowling. Also credit to big Adam Birse for putting his entire belly to stop a few runs at slip but he dropped what would have been a great one handed catch as well. 159/8 to chase.

Wombats on the bat: With James Sanderson out injured and batting at last, the opening pair were Adam Birse and Jano. Lets just say the batting from our side were pretty shocking and with lots of catches and wickets, didn’t live up to our standard. Adam could have squeezed a two but could only run as one and Ev shouted from the bench “there is a reason that he has a 1 as his number”. Alex Patmore (got the highest and decent score of 26) and Pramod stabilized the ship, keeping a good run rate as well. There was great running from Patmore and Pramod when Alex hit a great shot on offside towards the playground area of YCAC and it didn’t quite go for four but both sprinted to squeeze in a three. Ken O came in at number 9 but was given a duck lbw – he thought the umpire could have given a leeway as we were about 100 runs short with 5 or so overs spare, a bit “anti-cricket” he thought. At the end, James Sanderson didn’t even face a ball. All out in 56 (13 overs).

Post match entertainment was nicely had with ice cold beers, in the ever hospitable YC&AC bar (great barman Augustine), while Ken chatted with Sean as he knows Sean’s Kyushu dohai friend who now lives in New York Robbie Purcell. Was pretty good to see AQ players enjoying the beers too which made it a great day of boozing with cricket as a sideshow. Onwards and upwards for JCL games!

Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club -- Match Scorecard

Tokyo Wombats CC vs Alpha Quashers Yokohama CC
Japan Cup 2020 (South Kanto), YCAC, Kanagawa, August 16, 2020

Tokyo Wombats CC
Umpires Indian Engineers CC
Result Alpha Quashers Yokohama won by 105 runs

Alpha Quashers Yokohama CC Innings: 159/8 (20.0 overs)
R B 4s 6s SR
K Vellingiri* c M Ali b J Craig 49 38 7 1 128.95
R Kesari b P Singh 14 13 0 2 107.69
V Jayakumar c P Singh b M Ali 2 5 0 0 40.00
S Pedada run out (J Sanderson*) 32 41 2 1 78.05
N Rangasamy c J Venter b M Ali 26 15 4 0 173.33
G Singh lbw b M Ali 8 4 0 1 200.00
V Sundaram c J Venter b M Ali 0 1 0 0 0.00
B Ramiah c J Sanderson* b M Ali 8 3 0 1 266.67
M Maruthamuthu not out 0 0 0 0 -
E Rajendran† dnb
Y Wagh dnb
Extras (b 0, lb 0, w 17, nb 1) 18

TOTAL (8 wickets) 159

Fall of wickets
27-1 R Kesari, 36-2 V Jayakumar, 96-3 K Vellingiri*, 141-4 S Pedada, 149-5 N Rangasamy, 149-6 G Singh, 157-7 B Ramiah, 157-8 V Sundaram
O M R W wd nb Econ
J Venter 4.0 0 27 1 3 0 6.75
P Singh 3.0 0 37 1 2 0 12.33
M Ali 4.0 0 22 5 0 0 5.50
Z Bappi 3.0 0 25 0 5 0 8.33
K Jinasena 3.0 0 24 0 6 0 8.00
J Craig 3.0 0 23 1 1 1 7.67

Tokyo Wombats CC Innings: 54 (13.4 overs)
R B 4s 6s SR
A Birss b N Rangasamy 1 10 0 0 10.00
K Dobson c V Sundaram b G Singh 0 3 0 0 0.00
Z Bappi c E Rajendran† b N Rangasamy 4 2 1 0 200.00
K Jinasena c S Pedada b G Singh 0 1 0 0 0.00
J Venter c B Ramiah b G Singh 5 8 1 0 62.50
P Singh c N Rangasamy b M Maruthamuthu 1 12 0 0 8.33
A Patmore† c M Maruthamuthu b K Vellingiri* 26 32 3 0 81.25
M Ali c R Kesari b K Vellingiri* 10 10 1 0 100.00
K Oiwa lbw b Y Wagh 0 2 0 0 0.00
J Craig st E Rajendran† b Y Wagh 0 2 0 0 0.00
J Sanderson* not out 0 0 0 0 -
Extras (b 0, lb 0, w 7, nb 0) 7
TOTAL (10 wickets) 54
Fall of wickets
2-1 A Birss, 2-2 K Dobson, 2-3 K Jinasena, 12-4 J Venter, 12-5 Z Bappi, 26-6 P Singh, 51-7 A Patmore†, 52-8 M Ali, 52-9 K Oiwa, 54-10 J Craig
O M R W wd nb Econ
G Singh 3.0 0 12 3 1 0 4.00
N Rangasamy 2.0 0 5 2 1 0 2.50
M Maruthamuthu 3.0 0 7 1 0 0 2.33
B Ramiah 2.0 0 8 0 0 0 4.00
K Vellingiri* 2.0 0 11 2 4 0 5.50
Y Wagh 1.4 0 11 2 1 0 6.60


  • Jano sliding catch off Ali bowling
  • Ali taking a skier
  • Pramod snaffling one at cow corner

Dropped Catches

  • Ken Oiwa “don’t let him hold your baby!” at point – a dolly, missed the hands, into the guts and onto the floor. Where is Jamie Payne at point when you need him!!
  • Half chance for Birs (not according to Jano). Almost a “Classic Drop!” – one handed diving full stretch to his left at slip, in and out of the hand. Toughy!
  • Great sacrifice catch by Sanderson landing on his neck – took one for the team and almost killed himself in the process.


  • I need to down the beer before the start – Jamie
  • Bowler’s name? “Patmore” – mate that’s Pramod, I’m Patmore. “Sorry bro I’m sh’t with names” – no kidding Jano!
  • Kenny to two strangers: Hey, ain’t you my friend’s friend who is in New York now?
  • Ken: Batsman, you fat c*nt! Stop drinking water
  • Jano: I always need a few beers to settle the nerves before a game. Last game I had no beers, bowled 7 wides.
    Evan: So how many beers did you have before the last game.
    Jano: Oh, just 7 or 8!
  • Jano – It’s finished! (pre-game, after being told off for bringing a can of beer into YCAC, told the guy it’s finished while clearly chugging a half full beer, then patting him on the back – don’t worry brother I’m gonna buy some more beers now!)

Great Moments in Sport

  • Ali 5fer with the ball, 4 wickets in last over
  • Jano’s ground fielding. I don’t see huge Pacers putting this much effort in the field often.

Dummy Spits

  • Jamie Payne coming in as support and enjoying the game but had to mention the Liverpool FC title win…..
  • Ken D and Jimmy S both biting when the Alpha guy asked for a drink in the last over. Haha
  • Jamie’s double pitched ball for which batsman was crying to give it a dead ball
  • Evan – telling off some Oji-Chan in the Sports Bar who insisted on administering first aid to James after his head knock and concussion, who proceeded to put ice-packs under his arms, and all over the place, doing stretches and all sorts even while being shouted at that “Necchusho jyanai yo! / he doesn’t have heat stroke for f**k sake!”

Golden Thong Nominations

  • Jimmy Sanderson taking himself out with the catch
  • Ali – leaving his phone in the taxi! Still got 5 wickets, you should do it every week!
  • Kavin – 2 golden ducks in a row since debut! Hard luck mate, get amongst it next game!

Jacob’s Creek Man of the Match

Muhammad Ali
vs Alpha Quashers Yokohama (August 16, 2020)
Muhammad Ali was "the greatest" bowler for the Wombats at YC&AC on Sunday, chalking up a 5-fa in a tough slog against the Alpha Q batsmen. With a bottle of Jacob's Creek wine under his belt, we're sure the champ can go another round when it counts the most.