Past Players


  • Bjorn Pederson


    Bjorn Pederson

    NicknameBj, Run Machine, Dr Love (or a combination of these)
    Place and D.O.B.Adelaide, 3rd July 79
    OccupationResident Medical Officer
    Wombat SinceKobe tour, 2006
    PositionShoulder is buggered…so its slips for me!
    Weakness3 words: Asian, female, pulse
    Favourite PlayerMichael Clarke. Not because of his cricket ability, but more because of his ability to pull Lara
    Least FavouriteDavid Davies (never met the bloke, but from a distance appears a tosser)
    Favourite FoodLaksa
    Favourite BandDont have one….although fav genre is pop/rock
    Cricket HighlightsWinning cricket premierships in 2 different countries in 2006
    Cricket LowlightsGetting bowled 3rd ball as a Wombat by a gazunda, after smoking the first ball for 4
    Cricket AmbitionTo take the Wombats franchise global
    Non-Cricket InterestsGolf, poker, Adelaide Crows, Osaka women….
  • Courtney Jones

    e2) A happy skipper

    Courtney Jones

    Place and D.O.B.Perth, Buddhas birthday, in the 70’s
    OccupationUsed and abused pawn of this worlds capitolist dogma
    Wombat SinceBall One
    PositionWoman on top telling me I’ve been a bad boy in need of more punishment, dressed as the following.
    WeaknessMini skirt, black just over the knee stockings, red stilletos and long black hair. sigh……!
    Favourite PlayerDennis Lillee, Mike Hussey, Michael Dighton.
    Least FavouriteGanguly, G. Smith, Jarrad Shearer
    Favourite Foodsushi, yaki niku, meat pies, any cooked fish.
    Favourite BandNone really. They’re all pretty crap nowadays but Hendrix and Led Zep will always be listenable.
    Cricket HighlightsPremierships! D.V.C.C. 1989, T.W.C.C. 2004, T.W.C.C. 2006.
    Cricket LowlightsLosing to Millenium
    Cricket AmbitionTo drink more the night before games this season(always play better with a hangover!)
    Non-Cricket InterestsSnowboarding, fishing, AFL, gardening
  • Dave Bera

    glassy eyed Dr.

    Debasish Bera

    NicknameDr. Dave
    Place and D.O.B.India, Calcutta. 15th December 1974
    OccupationSoftware Engineer
    Wombat Since2002
    WeaknessWomen and Literature
    Favourite PlayerSourav Ganguly
    Least FavouriteNone (don’t believe in dislikes)
    Favourite FoodCurry of course!!!
    Favourite BandJim Morrison, The Doors
    Cricket HighlightsNot sure
    Cricket LowlightsNot sure
    Cricket AmbitionA century
    Non-Cricket InterestsPhilosophy, physiology, literature, writing stories, traveling, deep conversation
  • Dave OCarroll

    g3) Dave earnt his beer

    Dave O’Carroll

    NicknameYou guys can think of one
    Place and D.O.B.Hamilton, NZ – 25/1/1972
    Wombat Since12/6/2005
    PositionUsually behind a beer
    Favourite PlayerEwan Chatfield
    Least FavouriteDominic Cork
    Favourite FoodLasagne
    Favourite BandTom Waits
    Cricket HighlightsDad threatening to take an axe to the TV after the underarm incident
    Cricket LowlightsGetting out to a geeky 16 year old in glasses (it was Daniel Vettori)
    Cricket AmbitionTo become one of those grumpy old bastards I used to play with when I was younger
    Non-Cricket InterestsMovies, music, food and drink
  • Richard Conway


    Richard Conway

    Place and D.O.B.Reykjavik. Dec 16, 1973
    OccupationChimney Sweeper
    Wombat Since2003
    PositionBat pad
    WeaknessBatting and bowling
    Favourite PlayerIan Gason
    Least FavouriteJarrad Shearer
    Favourite FoodFour and Twenty
    Favourite BandBob Dylan
    Cricket HighlightsMichael Bevan, NY day 1996
    Cricket LowlightsGolden duck, Prosser Bay – Sandbar
    Cricket AmbitionTo ball the doosra
    Non-Cricket InterestsInanagennisis
  • Ryan France


    Ryan France

    NicknameRhino, Mr Sushi (after a T-shirt from restaurant of same name)
    Place and D.O.B.Canberra (I know) but raised in Brizzie
    OccupationMarketing Consultant
    Wombat Sincethe rained-out pissup at Fuji 2 in July 2006
    PositionLeft of centre
    WeaknessKnee-high socks
    Favourite PlayerBoony, he’s given so much to the sport
    Least FavouriteTubsy Taylor
    Favourite FoodChicken Korma, Tonkotsu Ramen, Bacon & Eggs fry-up
    Favourite BandThee Michelle Gun Elephant(o)
    Cricket HighlightsAll-bowled hat-trick in the under 10’s (with one of those ball’s bouncing twice before reaching the guileless batsman)
    Cricket LowlightsBeing hit in the box, dropping to the floor, then being given LB
    Cricket AmbitionTo bowl Tendulkar round his legs
    Non-Cricket InterestsLiturgical Dance, Basket Weaving
  • Steve Burke

    Perfect balance

    Steve Burke

    NicknameBurkey, Papa
    Place and D.O.B.Melbourne, 1975
    OccupationApplication Consultant
    Wombat SinceApril 2004
    PositionNext to Curly in the van
    Favourite PlayerCurly – because he drives the van
    Least FavouriteShane Jack
    Favourite FoodOkonomiyaki
    Favourite BandAustralia – The vibe / Japan – Definately not SMAP
    Cricket HighlightsPremierships (including Wombats ’04) and playing at the MCG
    Cricket LowlightsLosing 4 semi finals in consecutive seasons
    Cricket AmbitionTo win KCL Division 1 in 2005
    Non-Cricket InterestsHorse racing and most sports


  • Andrew Hall

    Nikka dancing

    Andrew Hall

    NicknameNikka, Blackie, or Black Nikka, personally I think they all suck
    Place and D.O.B.Port Augusta, S.A. Sept. 68
    Wombat SinceLate 2003
    PositionBit of this bit of that
    WeaknessPretty well all of this and most of that
    Favourite PlayerAB … Allan Border
    Least Favouritenone yet
    Favourite FoodBeef stew with fresh crusty buttered bread, Indians pretty damn tasty as well.
    Favourite BandSlim Dusty, Saxon and silence
    Cricket HighlightsBruising the opposition or fellow players
    Cricket LowlightsGlen Keane’s dog trap (never step down leg side) — no kidding a dingo trap would be set for those who had a habit of stepping legside for the fast bowlers. I still have night mares about it.
    Cricket AmbitionBatting with AB in Changmai sixes
    Non-Cricket InterestsAussie rules, holidaying is a close second and massages on the beach a 3rd. Actually turn them around 3,2,1.
  • Hajime Akiyama


    Hajime Akiyama

    Place and D.O.B.Tokyo, Japan 18 June 1992
    Wombat SinceMarch 2010
    Favourite PlayerRicky Ponting
    Least FavouriteNone
    Favourite FoodPies, Omuraisu
    Favourite BandPaul Kelly
    Cricket HighlightsWon ‘Most Improved Player’ award my school cricket team
    Cricket LowlightsI gave a bowler third wicket -which is hattrick…
    Cricket AmbitionBe first Japanese bowler who get wicket from Australia ever!
    Non-Cricket InterestsFooty (Go Saints!), Soccer and any sport
  • Ian Gason

    Curly off the wagon

    Ian Gason

    Place and D.O.B.Melbourne….I turn 21 every October.
    OccupationI’ve had a few, from nightclub cleaner to foreign language teacher, and a few in between.
    Wombat SinceGame 1
    Positiongenuine allrounder, ie #11 bat, 6th change bowler, hidden at fine leg.
    Weaknessthe librarian look, knees, back, most aspects of the game of cricket.
    Favourite PlayerDennis Keith Lillee
    Least FavouriteThe BCCI, Andy King, Natinan Supartakul
    Favourite FoodThai, Lebanese, Indian, Turkish.
    Favourite BandJohnny Cash, Motorhead
    Cricket HighlightsChiang Mai Sixes
    Cricket LowlightsVarious attempts to score leg-byes with my face
    Cricket AmbitionExtort 10% off the racket fixing the Bollywood 20-20 League.
    Non-Cricket InterestsPhotography, wildlife, bird-watching (no, really!!).
  • Jarod Harris

    MoM - Jammer

    Jarod Harris

    Place and D.O.B.Fire Mountain, Mordor
    OccupationLounge lizard/part time self-sex machine
    Wombat SinceBirth. But didn’t know it till March this year.
    WeaknessFear and loathing
    Favourite PlayerDennis Lillee and Steffi Graf.
    Least FavouriteIndian umpires who celebrate with the Indian team in the dressing room drinkin’ champers…
    Favourite FoodAnything so long as it is meat.
    Favourite BandNirvana, the Oils, Temple Pilots, AC/DC. None of that mindless hip hop SHITE.
    Cricket HighlightsCoached by Ian Healy for a week in U12’s.
    Cricket LowlightsIan Healy telling me to “Piss off mate, you’re too pissed”, six years later.
    Cricket AmbitionWin the British Open.
    Non-Cricket InterestsInterfering with self, chokin the chicken and galloping the lizard. And signing in the shower (for neighbour’s enjoyment) in between spells.
  • Jim Cole

    beer garden 13

    Jim Cole

    NicknameSpaceman, Jimmy Burnout
    Place and D.O.B.Melbourne. May 9, 1974
    Wombat Since2002
    PositionAll ok
    WeaknessTall, long dark hair, model like and my ex-fiance
    Favourite PlayerSteve Waugh
    Least FavouriteDN
    Favourite FoodTempura
    Favourite BandSmashing Pumpkins, Offspring, Green Day, Blink 182, Sun 41
    Cricket Highlights4/21
    Cricket LowlightsLosing last years semi final
    Cricket AmbitionWombats win everything
    Non-Cricket InterestsBikes, babes, beers …., footy, books, cameras
  • John Sutherland


    John Sutherland

    NicknameChef / Suthy
    Place and D.O.B.Melbourne, July 26, 1970
    Wombat Since2003
    Favourite PlayerChuck / Boonie
    Least FavouriteDarren Gough and that cheating Sri Lankan &%#
    Favourite FoodIndian
    Favourite BandPaul Kelly, Midnight Oil, Hunters and Collectors, Pearl Jam
    Cricket HighlightsImperial Duck at Koiwa
    Cricket LowlightsPlaying the afore mentioned cheating Sri Lankan &%#
    Cricket AmbitionTo bowl straight and quick again
    Non-Cricket InterestsTravel, history, international sport
  • Kasun Perera


    Kasun Perera

    NicknameKas, K
    Place and D.O.B.Colombo – Sri Lanka, January 03 1979
    OccupationSoftware Test Specialist
    Wombat Since2009
    WeaknessFast Bowlers
    Favourite PlayerSanath Jayasuriya
    Least FavouriteRahul Dravid
    Favourite FoodChicken
    Favourite BandAnyone who plays hard rock properly
    Cricket HighlightsTaking the 1st wicket (for wommies) in the 1st over in the 1st match (After more than 5 years without cricket)
    Cricket Lowlights6 wides in the same above match
    Cricket AmbitionTo be a better batsman
    Non-Cricket InterestsPhotography, Motor Bikes, Fast Cars, DJing
  • Mark Kelly

    a2) Killer not messing about

    Mark Kelly

    Place and D.O.B.Glascow, Scotland – 3/8/1974
    OccupationNappy changer/toilet taker/PT English teacher
    Wombat SinceFeb, 2005
    PositionBowling 12th man
    Favourite PlayerPonting – what a freak
    Least FavouriteAny Pommie – all sports
    Favourite FoodHamburgers (BBQ sauce, beetroot variety)
    Favourite BandNirvana, The Who, Soundgarden, now listening to Franz Ferdinand
    Cricket HighlightsPlaying with Wommies/Making 2005 Div 1 GF
    Cricket LowlightsLosing 2005 GF
    Cricket AmbitionTo win 2006 GF with the Wommies
    Non-Cricket InterestsSnowboarding, drinking, hiking and going to the beach
  • Marty Charlton

    b6) Off duty

    Marty Charlton

    NicknameAffectionately known as ‘Wombat’
    Place and D.O.B.Close to the beach in the 70s
    OccupationGuardian of mankind
    Wombat SinceBirth
    PositionLying down and girl on top
    WeaknessBeing weak
    Favourite PlayerCourtney Jones
    Least FavouriteGanguly
    Favourite FoodTsukemono
    Favourite BandBen Harper
    Cricket HighlightsPlaying for the Wombats
    Cricket LowlightsPlaying for the Wombats
    Cricket AmbitionTo not have to work weekends so I can get a game
    Non-Cricket InterestsFooty
  • Matt Stride


    Matt Stride

    Place and D.O.B.Armadale, N.S.W. 7-11-1980
    OccupationSales executive – Mojoprint
    Wombat SinceSometime in 2009 (its always just out of reach)
    PositionLeft right out, chief orange peeler and pine bench warmer
    Favourite PlayerSteve Waugh / Alan Donald
    Least FavouriteAny whingeing Pom (Does Mark Nicholas count?)
    Favourite FoodIs beer a food?
    Favourite BandThe Who
    Cricket HighlightsHat trick for the KR&AC in 2003/2004
    Cricket LowlightsAll those goldens
    Cricket AmbitionTo take a Hat trick for the Wombats
    Non-Cricket InterestsSport, music, drinking
  • Peter Hoskings

    quiz 10

    Peter Hoskings

    Place and D.O.B.Melbourne, VIC, (in the 60s)
    Wombat SinceThe very beginning
    PositionOn top but don’t mind doggy either
    WeaknessWomens tears get me every time
    Favourite PlayerBev or Gilly
    Least FavouriteMark Waugh
    Favourite FoodSalad
    Favourite BandNone (all spastics now) was a big Akadacka fan years ago
    Cricket HighlightsWinning finals lots of them, thats what it is all about
    Cricket LowlightsNot yet winning a final with the Wombats
    Cricket AmbitionGolden Wombat
    Non-Cricket InterestsTokyo Goannas F.C. Peter Hosking denies ever having met John The Bookie, despite several calls a day being placed from his cell phone on weekends. Claims his wicket falling in the semi final was in no way related to an upcoming race at Nakayama. Also a keen footballer, Smoker – who has recently quit the habit – was spared a life of disappointment when his trial for the Collingwood Football Club was unsuccessful.
  • Phil Walker


    Phil Walker

    NicknameBlue, (rusty)crutch, (grass)hopper, take your pick
    Place and D.O.B.June 14th 1977, Melbourne
    OccupationCarpenter, teacher
    Wombat Since2010
    Positiondoggy’s best, or cowgirl
    Weaknesslong legs, bright eyes
    Favourite PlayerDamien Martyn, Dizzy
    Least FavouritePick an Indian
    Favourite Foodkatsu curry
    Favourite BandFranti and Spearhead, radiohead
    Cricket HighlightsWatching S Waugh make that SCG Ashes ton off the last ball
    Cricket Lowlightsmultiple finals losses
    Cricket AmbitionWin another flag with SOBCC, and now one with the wommies.
    Non-Cricket InterestsMusic, travel, life in general.
  • Richard Coleman

    In his element

    Richard Coleman

    NicknameRicho …. aka Wookie
    Place and D.O.B.Adelaide, S.A. June 12, 1973
    OccupationRestuarant manager and business teacher
    Wombat Since2003
    PositionOn the field
    Favourite PlayerDavid Boone
    Least Favouritenone
    Favourite FoodCoopers Pale Ale
    Favourite BandOils
    Cricket Highlightsleg spin hat-trick, all bolwed middle peg …. of course
    Cricket LowlightsCaught trying to play pace over slips
    Cricket AmbitionThe ton
    Non-Cricket InterestsLivin life to the full


  • Andrew Baines


    Andrew Baines

    Place and D.O.B.Berkshire 05/06/90
    OccupationGoods in administrator
    Wombat Since2011
    PositionBowler and middle order batsmen
    WeaknessAnything full and straight
    Favourite PlayerKevin pieterson, David Warner
    Least FavouriteDavid Warner
    Favourite FoodPizza, cheese burgers
    Favourite BandJohn Barry
    Cricket HighlightsWinning the semi-final and having a BQ under the bridge during a typhhon
    Cricket LowlightsWinning the Herschelle Gibbs award 2011
    Cricket AmbitionTo score a centrury
    Non-Cricket InterestsSmoking
  • Chris Mortimer


    Chris Mortimer

    NicknameLongshanks, Morty, Vicar
    Place and D.O.B.Nottingham, 29.11.81
    OccupationPR Consultant / Pet Gaijin
    Wombat SinceApril 2007
    WeaknessTailored shorts and stocking combination that the women of Tokyo pull off so well
    Favourite PlayerStephen Fleming
    Least FavouriteMatthew Hayden
    Favourite FoodCurry
    Favourite BandOasis – not sounding very cultured here
    Cricket HighlightsAfter two long years in the cricketing wilderness, Google searching ‘cricket, Tokyo’ and discovering the Wombats
    Cricket LowlightsRealising that I’d joined a bunch of Aussies at TWCC!
    Cricket AmbitionDominate Japan with the Wombats
    Non-Cricket InterestsFootball of the round-balled variety; hunting down clothes shops in Japan which will cater for my obscenely long limbs; juggling
  • Chris Walsh


    Chris Walsh

    NicknameThe ever-imaginative “Walshy”
    Place and D.O.B.Invercargill, N.Z. Sept 1968.
    Wombat SinceJust joined (Spet 2004)
    PositionWhere ever least likely to drop the ball
    WeaknessTasty beer
    Favourite PlayerWasim Akram
    Least FavouriteMichael Bevan, simply for all the times he’s singlehandedly won games for Aus vs N.Z.
    Favourite FoodThai
    Favourite BandLoads, but Pixies, Ministry, Killdozer all up there
    Cricket HighlightsFinishing a tight club game with a direct hit from point — after two swift jugs at lunch
    Cricket LowlightsGettting hit in a very unfortunate spot on first and only time I hurried out without a box
    Cricket AmbitionTo find some way to scam some decent bloody live coverage in the land of the rising sun
    Non-Cricket InterestsTrainspotting, stamp collecting, beekeeping

  • Garna Dowling


    Garna Dowling

    Place and D.O.B.Sydney
    OccupationBar Owner
    Wombat SinceSince I started putting on weight
    PositionPermanent 14th man
    Favourite PlayerDean Jones
    Least FavouriteJarrad Shearer — aka Dino
    Favourite FoodCurry
    Favourite Bandnone
    Cricket HighlightsU14 3/10 in my allotted overs
    Cricket LowlightsBeing made wicket keeper after my allotted overs the following week
    Cricket AmbitionTo continue being retired
    Non-Cricket InterestsNo time for any
  • Gerard Brady

    Jezza - MOM2

    Gerard Brady

    NicknameGez, Gelato
    Place and D.O.B.Mackay, North Queensland – 19/10/77
    OccupationEnvironmental consultant
    Wombat Since2006
    PositionBowler who can swing a bat
    WeaknessThe night before and punctuality
    Favourite PlayerKasper
    Least FavouriteTaity, took Kasper’s spot on the Ashes’s tour and then proved how much of a retarded crow-eating hack he really is
    Favourite FoodLamb roast, Indian, Thai
    Favourite BandYou Am I, The Pixies, Modest Mouse, The Shins
    Cricket HighlightsHigh school XI in 1994:
    1st Australasian Christian Brothers Cricket Week
    3rd Queensland Coca-Cola Cup
    Cricket Lowlights12th man for the final of both tournaments above
    Cricket AmbitionTo stick it right up some of them arrogant KCL Div-I pricks in 2006
    Non-Cricket InterestsSnowboarding, soccer, league, travel, music, pubs
  • Grant Turner


    Grant Turner

    Place and D.O.B.Sydney, ’29/3/74
    OccupationMarketing Coordinator
    Wombat SinceAug ’07
    PositionPart of the team
    WeaknessWide deliveries, relationships
    Favourite PlayerMichael Slater, Merv Hughes, Kevin ‘Horrie’ Hastings
    Least FavouriteMatthew Hayden
    Favourite FoodBBQ, yakiniku and beer
    Favourite BandEverclear, Prodigy, PWEI, Leftfield
    Cricket Highlights152 not out, playing against Lennie Pascoe on Bradman Oval in Bowral
    Cricket LowlightsGetting run out without facing a ball in my very first game
    Cricket AmbitionWin another premiership somewhere, sometime. Its been over 20 years
    Non-Cricket InterestsFooty, snowboard, golf, drinking
  • Jaideep Bedi


    Jaideep Bedi

    Place and D.O.B.Pune, India. AKA, Call Centre headquarters. April 11, 1978
    OccupationBond Trader
    Wombat Since2007
    PositionPro-choice, Anti-vegetarian. Labour.
    WeaknessEczema (see The Office)
    Favourite PlayerJustin Timberlake. first Brittany, then Cameron, then Jessica and finally Scarlett. Now thats form.
    Least FavouriteYou filthy, disgusting chucker. You have the same number of test wickets that I do.
    Favourite FoodLeft-handers. Breakfast.
    Favourite BandRadiohead
    Cricket HighlightsPlaying for Melbourne University Cricket Club.
    Cricket LowlightsPlaying in 5 consecutive semi-finals losses.
    Cricket AmbitionTo bowl “Away-Spin” at 1st grade level. Leggies to right handers and offies to lefties. Tougher than it sounds.
    Non-Cricket InterestsGambling on American Football. Makes betting on other sports seem boring.
  • James Watson

    James Watson

    NicknameBird (Birdbrain, Birdman, Big Bird)
    Place and D.O.B.Wellington, NZ, 1978 (same as Sir Richard)
    OccupationCitizen of the world
    Wombat SinceSecond game first season
    PositionOpen bat, Change bowler, in/under the covers
    WeaknessShort pitched bowling
    Favourite PlayerG. Larsen, CZ Harris, J. Oram, Gilchrist, Sir Richard and Doug Howlett
    Least FavouriteMcgarth, Pollack, M. D. Crowe, and Brett Lee when he gets a Kiwi wicket
    Favourite FoodSomething fresh and hot
    Favourite BandU2, Coldplay, Pearly Jam, Split Enz
    Cricket HighlightsPlaying for the Wombats, Chuck’s catch, Zulu’s scoring, middle and leg yorkers
    Cricket LowlightsYou’re playing cricket, it’s all good
    Cricket AmbitionTo get back and play for the Wommies
    Non-Cricket InterestsTravel, rugby, drinking, eating and relaxing
  • Mark Ainslie


    Mark Ainslie

    NicknameTickets, Anal, Pup
    Place and D.O.B.Adelaide…5/9/81
    OccupationStudent (Uni of Tokyo)
    Wombat SinceApril 2006
    PositionFrom behind or in the covers
    WeaknessShort skirts, solarium tans
    Favourite PlayerSteve Waugh, Justin Langer
    Least FavouriteSimon Katich
    Favourite FoodKara-age, Pizza, Hungry Jack’s
    Favourite BandVarious but Slipknot, Oasis, Grinspoon etc
    Cricket HighlightsWinning the J1C Premiership, Kobe Challenge, Hardy’s Ashes and Pacific Cup with the Wommies;Club Champion and B Grade Batting and Bowling trophies back home in the 2005/2006 season.
    Cricket Lowlights3 Grand Final losses back home
    Cricket AmbitionTo win this year’s premiership and to score at least one century with the Wommies.
    Non-Cricket InterestsElectrical/Electronic Engineering, Japan (duh)
  • Prabhat Kumar


    Prabhat Kumar

    Place and D.O.B.Hyderabad, India. January 23, 1974
    OccupationSoftware Consultant
    Wombat SinceApril 2009
    PositionHate chasing the ball, so Slips
    WeaknessCan’t read Leg Spinners out of the hand
    Favourite PlayerKapil Dev, Marshall, Holding, S Waugh
    Least FavouritePonting and anyone English (Flintoff is probably an exception)
    Favourite FoodNo dislikes so anything goes
    Favourite BandU2, Accadacca, Metallica, David Bowie
    Cricket Highlights7 for 4 in an inter-school competition and bowling to Laxman when I tried out for the Hyderabad under-17 team
    Cricket LowlightsRun Out at YCAC without facing a ball and on the same day being hit for two consecutive sixes.
    Cricket AmbitionBowl a ball that drifts towards leg and spins across the batsman to take the off-stump — sort of like the ball of last-century OR beat Warne for the $10M prize at the WSOP in Vegas
    Non-Cricket InterestsGolf, Poker
  • Richard Cosway

    richards shoes 1

    Richard Cosway

    Place and D.O.B.Melbourne , Vic. January 18, 1977
    Wombat Since2002
    PositionFine Leg
    WeaknessInswinging yorkers
    Favourite PlayerVirendher Sehwag
    Least FavouriteBrad Williams
    Favourite FoodAll things fried
    Favourite BandACDC, P-Funk
    Cricket HighlightsTaking a wicket with my first ball with the Wombats
    Cricket LowlightsMissing the 2003 semi final
    Cricket AmbitionTo take a hat-trick with 3 full tosses
    Non-Cricket InterestsDarts, cooking and movies
  • Richard Laidler


    Richard Laidler

    Place and D.O.B.Melbourne, Australia, 28 Dec 1960
    OccupationCricket and Sports Coach
    Wombat Since2008
    PositionThe doggy but a team player, love the Sydney Harbour
    WeaknessShort skirts, high boots but just women
    Favourite PlayerDennis Keith Lillee, Merv Hughes, Gilly
    Least FavouriteAny English Team
    Favourite FoodYakiniku, sushi and a good steak on the BBQ
    Favourite BandRed Hot Chillie Peppers, U2
    Cricket HighlightsAny Win or just being on the ground playing or watching the Great game
    Cricket LowlightsLosing. Getting dropped from the 1sts at Carlton District for the GF (They lost and we won in the 2nds)
    Cricket AmbitionTo coach in the World Cup and making Japan a force in World Cricket
    Non-Cricket InterestsAll Sports
  • Rob Mann


    Rob Mann

    Place and D.O.B.Adelaide, Jan 8 (but proud Tassie boy now)
    OccupationMarketing Coordinator
    Wombat Since2003
    PositionArm in a sling, left right does not matter
    WeaknessWork on powder days
    Favourite PlayerBoonie
    Least FavouriteGanguly
    Favourite FoodToo many but reckons Mum’s cheesecake has got to be up there
    Favourite BandXavier Rudd at the moment
    Cricket HighlightsPlaying at 3am in garage at home, floodlights out and all. RAA RAA’s International Cup, never a dull moment. Although BIRDMAN’s haka before coming into bowl or … the Luke’s Hand Of God are up there.
    Cricket LowlightsHaving to clear the garage for the start of RAA RAA’s International Cup
    Cricket AmbitionHaving a garage that you don’t have to clear out every summer for the RAA RAA’s International Cup
    Non-Cricket InterestsGettting out and being active (when not relaxing) and travelling
  • Ross Ferris


    Ross Ferris

    Place and D.O.B.Ballarat, VIC, Australia, 5th February
    Wombat SinceAugust 2007
  • Tom Gilliatt

    Tom Gilliatt

    Place and D.O.B.Chichester,uk,’86
    Wombat Since2015
    Positionas instructed
    Weaknessfamily mart, coffee boss, nomihodai
    Favourite PlayerChris Gayle, KP,
    Least Favouriteponting, Mitchell Johnson, Alastair Cook,
    Favourite Foodfamily mart snacks, buffets
    Favourite Bandn/a
    Cricket Highlightsnumerous back garden cricket records
    Cricket Lowlightslosing to Chiba on wombats debut. Sorry boys. I’ll get my coat.Being at the SCG on the final day of the 2013 /2014 whitewash, with 5 Australians
    Cricket Ambitionrevenge on Chiba. Win a grand final. Score a ton/tons in japan cricket
    Non-Cricket Interestssurfing, skiing, family mart snacks, lawson snacks are also good.


  • Adam Farmer

    Adam Farmer

    NicknamePolly (after Graham “Polly” Farmer – no relation!!)
    Place and D.O.B.Armadale WA June 1976 _ South of The River is all that counts.
    OccupationLogistics Manager, Caterpillar
    Wombat Since2009
    PositionKeeper / Batsman.. or in front of the TV watching sport!
    WeaknessHaving to do anything my wife says…
    Favourite PlayerGilly
    Least FavouriteStephen Milne – St Kilda – different sport I know but I can’t stand him….
    Favourite FoodRib Eye Steak with Mushroom & Pepper Gravy
    Favourite BandBen Harper & the Innocent Criminals
    Cricket HighlightsFacing Wasim Akram at the WACCA nets
    Cricket LowlightsHaving to stop playing for a few years due to work.
    Cricket AmbitionDouble century, Australian selector!! (god knows we need a change)
    Non-Cricket InterestsFamily, Sport & Cooking
  • Alex Vakil


    Alex Vakil

    NicknameRobin (it was Batman until my throwing arm was seen), Vaks
    Place and D.O.B.London, UK 1/6/86
    Wombat Since2012
    PositionKeeper/batsman/procurer of beer
    WeaknessKeeping the sledging clean
    Favourite PlayerBeefy / Freddie
    Least FavouriteAnyone wearing the baggy green (only during an Ashes series!)
    Favourite FoodAll the classics
    Favourite BandSpotify top 40
    Cricket HighlightsI once hit one down the ground which was nice
    Cricket LowlightsRunning out 2 Wombats on debut and almost running out a 3rd (at least none of them were Dino – he was already out :-0)
    Cricket AmbitionI still reckon I’ve got a century in me!
    Non-Cricket InterestsGolf (I’m getting old)

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