Message From the Captain

March 8, 2006

Welcome Wombats to the 2006 season.

Already some big changes and decisions made within the club. Pulling out of the JGC 20/20 competition was a club decision which I think in the long run will benefit all members. We’ll be playing 40 over friendly games to replace the JGC this season. The commitee have made a decision to use these games as a chance for the fringe and new players to be heavily involved and show case their skills in a low pressure environment.

For the first time in Tokyo Wombats C.C. history we haven’t lost any players during the off season and just as importantly we have recruited strongly. With Gerrard joining us we have a quality performer and bloke both on and off the field whom I’m sure will have a great season. Brendan and Dave have shown a willingness to to play this year and we’re all looking forward to seeing them do well for the Wommies in 2006.

I know everyone agrees season 2005 was a very successful and enjoyable one but ultimately we didn’t do it full justice by just coming up short in the G.F. We have the talent in our current squad to win KCL Division 1 in 2006 and I have no doubt that with improvement and application out of all players we will go all the way this season. Hopefully the disappointment of experiencing another team beat us in the last game of 2005 will provide us with that little piece of inspiration to do better when the pressure is on in 2006.

2006 is a new start for all clubs and whatever we achieved in 2005 means nothing come that first game in April. At times last year we achieved victory comparitively easily but I can assure you teams won’t be underestimating us this season. We played in the Div 1 GF and beat very strong and capable clubs in 2005. Everyone in Japan now knows our strength as club and will be gunning to bring us down this year so all players will have to be at thier very best on match days. Div 1 in 2006 is undoubtably the strongest in Japan cricket history. The Shizuoka Kytes C.C. and Wyverns C.C. have moved into the top division after very impressive 2005’s. We know the Kytes as a proud and talented team who play passionate and competitive cricket like the Wombats. The Kytes captain, Neil assured me they were going to inflict their first ever victory over the Wombats last year in our unfortunately cancelled Pacific Cup game. I’m really looking forward to playing them this season. The Wyverns are predominantly Japanese with half the team currently playing for the national team or in the past having played for the Japan national team. Combined with their talented foreigners the Wyverns will certainly be playing to the level required to compeat in Div 1.

One of our strengths in 2005 was our fielding and presence out on the ground. Our catching was consistently very good and our ground fielding was always very solid. Let’s aim to better these levels in 2006 by working on our weaknesses at training. The levels of talk and encouragement on the field last season were awesome and intimidating to the opposition. Please keep it up this season through encouragement for each other and humor out on the ground. I want the opposition batsmen to feel its 11 vs 2 when they play the Wombats. Let’s play hard but fair this year lads!

As I said at the AGM. Our 2006 goals are:

1. To continue to set the league standard for respect to umpires, our opposition and cricket in general. If you get a rough decision go against you, cop it on the chin and move on. I really believe they even themselves out in the end.

2. To continue to make an effort to socialise with the opposition after games. I’d like us to be known not only as a great cricket club but also a good bunch of blokes.

3. Win the KCL Div 1! We have the talent and desire!

4. Let’s get our very best side on the park for every KCL game in 2006. Try your best to be available for these games so that we can do our club justice and win Div 1 in 2006!

Finally, a hopefully annual fixture is in the planning for this season. The Kobe Cricket Club have invited the Wombats to play a weekend of cricket against them. The rough plan is to catch a shink to Kobe on a Friday night. Upon arrival we will be billeted out to a couple of the Kobe boys houses for our weekends free accomodation, followed by a few drinks at the local bar. Saturday play a game vs Kobe C.C. followed by post game BBQ. I’m told the cricket ground is in the middle of the city and 5 mins to the local bars so we’ll be kicking on for a big night with the Kobe lads. Sunday another game vs Kobe C.C. and the shink back to Tokyo. As you can see it’ll be a unique chance for us as a team to travel in Japan and play a couple of games of cricket against a new foe. We’re planning this for August/September. Keep this in mind when planning for late summer as I’m sure it will be a fantastic weekend of cricket and memories. I’ll keep all updated as details come to hand.

Have a very enjoyable and memorable 2006 Japan cricket season Wombats and let’s bring home what’s rightfully ours, the Div 1 cup!

Captain Chuck

© Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club