Lions Outclass Engineers to Lift Gold Cup

November 9, 2003

by Ian Gason

On a day better suited to staying at home by the fireplace. The Sri Lankan Lions confirmed they were the year’s best side when they defeated the Indian Engineers by 70 runs. The Indian’s scorecard might help restore some lost pride in the Wombats camp.

Batting first, Lions were 1/55 after 15 overs, before a few quick wickets fell. The Engineers were still unable to stop the runs from flowing. Roy, playing in his final game before he returns to Colombo, was adjudged by Smoking Pete LBW for a golden Duck. Lions were all out for 148, a respectable and defendable score.

The Indian disaster didn’t take long to unfold, first ball 1/0. A procession of Indian batsman came and went: 2/0, 3/2, 4/2, 5/6, 6/12, 7/13. Makes our 5/19 look better doesn’t it! Mahen and Manur again the destroyers, finishing with 4/16 and 3/16. The second string bowlers gave some respite to the Indians, as the 8th wicket partnership took the score past 50, and a record low total was thus avoided. (I believe Falcons all out 59 to be the record, though I can’t confirm this). Roy managed to wrap up the last few wickets, dismissing the Indians for 76. The Engineers website described our 96 in the semi final as ‘paltry’, so it’ll be interesting to see what 76 gets called!

The game was played in good spirits, and even when the chips were well and truly down, The Indians kept a brave face, and were graceful in defeat. The Lions, as usual, cooked up enough curry for a small army, and helped wash it down with 3 cases of Asahi. Some of the Lions fans, fuelled by no less than 3 bottles of Barcardi, completed the carnival atmosphere as they beat out some Sinhala-reggae on an esky and empty Barcardi bottles. Even had Smokin Pete shuffling along at square leg.

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