Hardys Trivia Night Review…And Upcoming Events

July 6, 2005

by Ian Gason

Wombats and friends filled the Clubhouse to the rafters for our 3rd Hardys Trivia Night. Despite -or perhaps because of- the tight fit, a good time was had by all, and even the losers went home smiling, a sign of a job well done.

Zulu took the MC reigns from Smoker (and his tux too) and started the questions off by probing about Uranus. Jarrad Shearer’s war history clearly needs some work: Simpson’s donkey was NOT called Miffy! Not the only howler for the night of course. Who said Judy (7 Little Australians) got hit by a car – in the 19th century?? Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts were also cited as examples of Australian “tossers”, not painters.

77 questions and 10 songs later we had 15 winners and losers. The Japzacs, drifting in from the Dubliners pulled in last. In a stunning form reversal, 2004 winner 2Accidentals came in 14th place, behind the lovely Drowned Rats, who AGAIN came with no Aussies or cricketers. Revenge of The Dinosaurs another flop at 10th, just 2 points ahead of Burkey’s appropriately named Norfolk And Hope.

Chuck and Whiskas took Team Judd III into the winners circle, and Apsy’s Deliverance was amongst the goodies in 4th again. Interloping from across the bay, The Sharks took 3rd, from Killer Kelly’s Hoof Hearted. The big upset, 2 Japanese lasses, 1 Canadian, and Spacey took Two Jims And A Beer all the way to the top, to claim the Trivia Championship by just 2 points! Just when you thought we couldn’t give away any more Hardys, we drew the raffle. New Wombat Regan Doyle took the 12 bottles for 1st. Steve Burke picked up 4 bottles to add to his Man Of The Match collection, and The Freak helped keep it in the family with 5th prize.

As I write, a typhoon threatens the Narita Cup. Let’s hope it buggers off cos it’d be a shame to see such a great weekend ruined. Also that weekend, Wombats v Lions at Koiwa, a fixture known to bring out the best in Courtney Jones. Golden Thong potential.

After a blood, sweat and tears KCL game, our Tokyo Ashes clash is shaping up as a beauty. There’ll be a case of Hardys to enjoy as well as a BBQ & beer, and of course one of the most anticipated fixtures of the year. Saturday June 25th, Fuji.

A game v Goannas is being looked at. Lots of ifs, buts, and maybes, but we are hopeful.

And The Ashes, live at The Clubhouse! After some meaningless ODI v the poms and Bangladesh, we play some more meaningless ODI v the poms. All of which will be on live.

The Real Deal starts THURSDAY JULY 21st!! BE THERE! The first session of an Ashes series, live in Japan? How good is that? There will be sweeps and raffles, all manner of wagers going on, as well as the best Ashes series for 2 decades. Spread the word, let’s pack The Clubhouse- with Aussies!!

And if you want come to Chiang Mai, Y20,000 please.

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