Blue Compass New Flagship Sponsor For Wombats

August 28, 2019

We’re very excited to announce our new flagship sponsor, Blue Compass.

Blue Compass have kindly donated the much needed funds needed for our Club to keep up with the times and purchase new uniforms for 2020 onwards. So you can look forward to some dashing new coloured gear (and hopefully fewer grass stains) next season!

Blue Compass is an organization committed to supporting local cities and regions in Japan, including, but certainly not limited to, those areas in Tohoku affected by the tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011. Among other things, Blue Compass actively supports regional communities by getting behind local businesses, schools, and sports clubs. They regularly host events and fundraisers in and around the Tokyo area and even have a couple of supporting bars/restaurants in Akasaka that serve Tohoku cuisine and drinks:

Tregion – Bar
Tregion Port – Izakaya

Be sure to show your support to our new sponsor by attending their events and taking a few mates to one of their bars or restaurants! We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with their events in Tokyo!

We are extremely privileged to have Blue Compass as a partner and sponsor. Be sure to meet the Blue Compass team at our Quiz Night later this year!

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