A Word from the Prez

March 5, 2003

G’day! Welcome to the Tokyo Wombats’ web site, our little burrow in cyber space. We are just about to start our third season of cricket in Kanto, but we are new to this Internet gizmo (we are marsupials you know!) We have put up this web site so our members, near and far, can easily keep track of us, and we can attract new members. Also our families, wherever they may be, can look and say “Ah, little Fred. I remember when he was crap at cricket here in Oz. Look how he’s grown up. Nothing has changed I see.” And so we can all laugh at Zulu’s exploits as he endeavours to win back to back Golden Thongs, the crown for the stupidest creature in Wombat Land.

All you’ve ever wanted to know about wombats can be found here! Get the Club history and background at ‘TWCC’; read the President’s Rant to see why he is always grumpy; check out Curly’s Corner for upcoming events, as well as some irrelevant anecdote; see what our past members are up to in Wombats out of the Burrow; laugh with (or is it at?) Zulu as he and others outlinehis latest wild adventure in the Z-Files; coming soon is Hardy’s Wine of the Month section, with info on products, promotions and specials. Eats, roots and leaves? Not true! Take a look at our ugly mugs and details in the Profiles section. And finally of course there’s cricket! For all the ins and outs out in the field, the Match Report and Man of the Match should fill you in on our latest victory as we march to the JGC and KCL Championship trophies!

Oh, and don’t forget to click on our sponsor’s links! HARDYS’ sell some great wines for all occasions, and The Clubhouse is THE place to have a drink or three while watching cricket, Aussie Rules and even other lesser sports. They even sell Aussie beers and meat pies!

We hope to make this a fun site so you will come back again and again. It will also change frequently, so please don’t forget to book mark us and visit again soon.

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