2008 Season Approaches….

March 4, 2008

The cricket world slowly but surely goes mad, the BCCI tail wagging the ICC dog, as a shameless queue of cricket whores roll over and say tickle me. So will the 20-over frenzy reach Japan? Rumours are circulating that SONY will shell out out $1.5 billion to cover a franchised comp in Japan: Jarrad Shearer opening the batting for the KFC Kumagaya Kamikazes, facing Mark Ainslie bowling for the Hiroshima Hello Kitty Heroes? Jim Cole of the Chiba Coca-Cola Crows suffers Courtney Jones slapping six MAXIMUMS for the Nakano Panasonic Powderfreaks?

We can dream….and after a few beers, such bullshit ideas might seem feasible.

Anyhow, back in the real world…..

CRICKET season is almost upon us. Dust off the whites, warm up ya sledges, buy the missus some batteries and say “see ya luv!”

Lots of ideas came out of the AGM, although one of them was based on a dubious theory – we have a large following of girls! That’s news, Morty…..

From slave auctions to hanami, BBQs and quizzes, one theme was constant: MORE EFFORT. Since the demise of The Clubhouse, we have wandered homeless like the North Melbourne Football Club – minus the Wayne Carey Toilet Tango of course. Whether it is at the Blue Oyster Bar or the Baywatch Babe Watch Bar, make the effort to get out, shoot the shit, wind up Jarrad and have a laugh with your fellow Wombats.

Personally, I hope to see a few of you in Osaki, even if you just come for the aerobics class perving!!

A bigger effort is needed too in the fund-raising stakes this year. A smaller than expected crowd at the quiz night in ’07 didn’t help things. This year we MUST have a full house, so be warned: First in best dressed; no priority places for Wombats this year. And please, DON’T LET JARRAD WIN!

Our sponsor, HARDYS’ WINES are on board again this year, with another generous allotment of wines. There’ll be HARDYS at the Quiz Night and HARDYS at the raffle, and if we play any cricket HARDYS Man of the Match awards.

We will be looking at the Wombats hosting a party sometime, some place. Maybe Morty can find some of that large female following and bring it along? (Hang on, Morty, is the following large, or is it the females themselves that are substantial???) Ross The Wrecker proposed a Last Man Standing prize night, a great idea, if we can logisticise it. Bringing the barbie down to Koiwa for a combo training/eating session sounds easier.

The revamped 4-for-Y1000 cricket sweeps have gone well, 20 blokes signing up to show their expertise. Thanks guys. First series, the Div 2 clash between England and New Zealand starts March 5. Check your picks on the web to see how badly you’re doing.

Expect a few more things throughout the year. If it moves, you can bet on it!

IF you have ANY IDEAS for a Wombats Day Out, either to turn a profit or just have a turn, don’t be shy.

Reckon on some HANAMI action at the end of March. Some of us will be under the Spotlight in Chiang Mai, but that’s a different story…..

See ya when I see ya……


© Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club