Announcement: 2018 Chiang Mai Sixes Squad

January 18, 2018
The touring committee is pleased to announce the following squad to represent the Tokyo Wombats Cricket Club and by extension, Japan, at the 2018 Chiang Mai International Sixes tournament. We have again opted to blend youth and experience, and have brought back a couple of experienced tourists to boost the squad. I know that interest was very high this year, and to those of you who missed out, we apologise. We hope we can include you in a future tour soon. To those who have been selected, congratulations! Please remember that we are still the only Japanese club invited to the  tournament, and we expect you to perform as such. The full squad is named below and will assemble in Chiang Mai no later than Friday March 30.
  • Ian Gason (c) –  13 tours
  • Matthew Bray – 4 tours
  • Daniel Anley – 4 tours
  • Andrew Hall – 4 tours
  • Mohideen Yusry – first tour
  • Matthew Doolan – first tour
  • Peter Hosking – first tour
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